1. I

    Honey gourami gender and behaviour enquiry

    We have just added 2 honey gouramis to our 65 litre tank. We are new to fish keeping. Can anyone tell me if they are male or female? I have attached pictures They have pretty much constantly been following each other around and tapping each other with their ventral fins since introducing over...
  2. V

    What is she doing?

    It almost looks like she's drinking the water. She's not doing it constantly; she'll take a break then go right back to it. I hope she's okay.
  3. PumpKineTick

    Pet Fish keeps attacking the Filter Outlet

    So... I have a filter outlet, and my large predatory cichlid [really strong] likes to attack it, and locks onto it with his mouth. How do you stop a fish from doing something? How do you train a fish? That's all I want to know. (If he does this again)
  4. Guyb93

    Impulse buying again ... but stocked now

    Iv bought a load of sand for my tank it’s dull and I’m not a fan it was cheap I have to say but it’s natural and smooth and was one of the only sands there that was fit for purpose regardless of how it looks I bought it , financially after moving house I can’t be picky ahahah but just in eye...
  5. Ch0le

    Bleeding Heart Tetras

    Hello, everyone. I have a new 20 gal Tall aquarium with 6 bht and 4 Emerald corys. I started out with just the 3 tereas dor a few weeks. Then I added the corys ans 3 more bht. My question is about behaviour. Thw tetraas were all together and then they seemed to split into groups of 3 and just...
  6. J

    Electric blue acara behaviour

    I need help or any tips or advice after the larger female spawned. The eggs are on the red rock. The behavior got worse after the the female spawned but started 3 days ago since I transferred them to the 90 gal tank. I purchased the younger male at a LFS in hopes of finding a mate for my...
  7. W

    Mollies playing in bubbles?

    So I got four (4) mollies several weeks ago and added them to my established tank. Cycled tank and no fighting, added some seachem stability and everything went well. My three females are all pregnant, and this leads to question one. 1. Will my male pestering the females hurt them at all or is...
  8. S

    Pygmy Cory Feeding And Behavior?

    I got 6 pygmy corys for my 10 gallon, planted betta tank yesterday. They're super tiny (hardly half and inch), extremely active, and everyone gets along great so far (my betta has had tankmates before so I knew all would be well). I only have two concerns:    1) The corys rarely shoal. Generally...
  9. S

    All Fish Behaving Strangely After 3D Background Installed.

    Hey everyone,    I have a bit of a crisis at the moment,    I recently installed a 3d background in my aquarium, it's made from Styrofoam, covered in cement, then sealed with crommelin Pond Sealer.  I glued it in with selley's aquarium safe sillicone and waited for it to fully cure before...
  10. GuppyGirl20

    Do Bettas Normally Act This Way?

    So I've started putting a mirror up to my tank for my little betta to flare at. Sometimes he completely ignores it. I was wondering if that was normal? Because I've always had the impression that when bettas see "another" betta they get all aggressive and flarey.
  11. C

    Hiding Gourami

    My male powder blue gourami is apperently really good at hide-&-seek. Any idea why he's hiding?
  12. Amyprunes

    Creamsicle Molly Behavior

    I have a few questions about 2 creamsicle mollies that I just added to my community tank. I have a 55 gallon tank currently inhabited by 6 fruit tetras, 1 angelfish, an upside down catfish, 2 plecos and 2 gold panda mollies that we added 3 weeks ago. The rest of them we have had for at least a...
  13. LunaBug

    Narcissus The Great!

    I have had my betta for roughly a month now and as much as I love him I'm convinced he is one of those "special" animals. Narcissus (the fish) has next to nothing as far as an aggressive attitude goes. I'm still not sure exactly what TYPE of betta he is, he was labeled as a double tail but I am...
  14. LunaBug

    Proper Behavior For Peppered Or Spotted Corydora

    I recently began stocking fish into my new aquarium to try and keep the bacteria alive and decided on some corys to be the first addition. After 48 hrs in the tank the two "peppered" corys started to really show differing behavior specifically when I fed them. It seems that while one has...
  15. tmoney7

    Pygmy Corydoras Odd Behavior

    So i just got 6 new pygmy corydoras for my 10 gal tank and i was just wondering if there were any signs or things they might do if they are not doing so great.  I know that if there is not enough oxygenation in the water then you will see them go to the top and and almost bite at the air, which...
  16. A

    Bullied Mollys

    I recently got my first tank of "non agressive" tropical fish about a month and a half ago i've been keeping betta fish for years (they are in seperate tanks from the tropicals.), the tank originally had five serape tetras and one halloween neon tetra, since then I've added a few more fish to...