Bullied Mollys


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Jan 10, 2013
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I recently got my first tank of "non agressive" tropical fish about a month and a half ago i've been keeping betta fish for years (they are in seperate tanks from the tropicals.), the tank originally had five serape tetras and one halloween neon tetra, since then I've added a few more fish to the tank (and gotten a bigger one from 5 gallons to 25 gallons) now after my tetras going through a brief bout of ick, I now have three serape tetras, one halloween neon tetra, three regular neon tetras, two orange blossom swordtails (one male one female), one parrot platy (a female) and two black mollies (one male one female), I have noticed in the past few weeks both prior and post tank change that my male molly in particular, but also at times the female aswell have been continually bullied by predominently the platy, although the swordtails and the halloween neon tetra have been bulling him aswell. it has gotten to the point that the male molly is starting to miss scales and his is clearly distraught, the only time that the other fish don't bother them, is after they have been fed. I have no Idea what to do they are the most peaceful fish in the tank and I really like them. IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO TO FIX THIS??


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