Pygmy Corydoras Odd Behavior


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May 30, 2013
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So i just got 6 new pygmy corydoras for my 10 gal tank and i was just wondering if there were any signs or things they might do if they are not doing so great.  I know that if there is not enough oxygenation in the water then you will see them go to the top and and almost bite at the air, which mine were doing so i lowered the water more so that the water from my filter had more of a flow which seemed to help.  But is there any other behaviors i should look of if something is going on?
Tbh when they swim up and down and frantically to begin with it can just be a sign of settling in. Mine didn't exhibit "normal" behaviour for at least a week or get their proper colouring in for a few days (Corydoras Sterbai).
yeah the first day mine went crazy going up and down the glass but they still don't seem to want to eat anything that i am giving them but instead they just sift throught the gravel picking at things,  even when i tried to give them blood worms they didn't really go crazy!  They just kind of swam around and then sat on the gravel for a minute or so and then swam some more.  Is it just because this is their second day or...
Hitting the surface of the water is actually natural behavior for pygmy cory. You'll see them do it pretty regularly. If they stay there, that's a worry, but if it's the dart and drop move, normal.
Ohhhh OK that makes me feel much better about their condition, also another thing was i figured they would be shoaling a lot more but they seem to go off on their own or maybe in groups of 2 or 3 more than they do all sticking together.  Is this normal as well?
It is. I have a dozen I'm keeping now, and have had as many as 24 in past tanks. They go about their business. Come together for protection and play and then go about their business again. They are shoalers rather than schoolers. In a planted tank they hide so well you may some days think they are all dead...the when you feed them out they come.
Yeah i have tried to feed them and they do not seem at all interested in the food but instead they just go around picking at the gravel
even when i tried blood worms the first day they were not interested but i guess it is only their 2nd day so we shall see how they progress! 
Try daphnia or baby brine, especially daphnia.
Okay when i get to the LFS i'll look for some daphnia and if they don't have any i'll get some frozen baby brine shrimp
Let me know how they like it. 
Yes my Corys seem non existent in my 260L, then I dunk some bloodworm in and suddenly all 12 come out from all the cracks and crevices and merge together at the front. So very cute :D

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