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  1. ukdamon

    Dwarf/Pygmy Puffer

    I have 3 dwarf puffers and I have never really kept puffers before. I am aware that they eat snails and frozen food rather than pellets and flake food etc. If I don't have many snails in my tank do I need to buy live food/snails for them? Any advice would be useful, Thanks
  2. G

    Betta with Pygmy Corys?

    Hello all! I recently revived my ten-gallon tank after several years of disuse, and decided to bring home a betta fish. He's a very shy little fellow so far. I love him, and I wouldn't want to cause him stress (or stress any other fish), so I want some second opinions--would adding pygmy...
  3. P

    Will My Golden Wonder Killi Eat My Pygmy Cory Catfish?

    just wondering if that's a concern cuz i have a pretty sizeable golden wonder killi in my 20 gallon and just got 3 pygmy cories but realized that if he wanted to (which he probably does) that my killi could devour him! i also have 2 blue rams would that be a problem? if so ill just put them in...
  4. tmoney7


    The thing i was talking about is right above the snails which is actually on the glass     I know they are a little blurry as its the best i could do at the moment as it is getting late but i keep finding more and more of these little white dots scattered all over my tank.  There is more and...
  5. tmoney7

    Betta With Pygmy Corys?

    So i have a 10 gal tank with 6 pygmy corys and 3 olive nerite snails and i was just wondering if adding a betta would be overloading the tank.  The tank is planted (i wouldn't say heavily because my corkscrew vallis is still making up its mind on whether or not to grow).  The one thing i hate...
  6. tmoney7

    Pygmy Corydoras Odd Behavior

    So i just got 6 new pygmy corydoras for my 10 gal tank and i was just wondering if there were any signs or things they might do if they are not doing so great.  I know that if there is not enough oxygenation in the water then you will see them go to the top and and almost bite at the air, which...