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Dwarf/Pygmy Puffer

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Feb 8, 2019
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Surrey, England
I have 3 dwarf puffers and I have never really kept puffers before. I am aware that they eat snails and frozen food rather than pellets and flake food etc. If I don't have many snails in my tank do I need to buy live food/snails for them? Any advice would be useful,

Puffers will eat certain prepared foods. But snails are important because the puffer maintains its "beak" by crunching on snails. Comparable to a budgie bird chewing on cuttlebone. Obviously the puffers will keep the snail population very low, sometimes eradicate it almost, so having one of the small fast-reproducing snails like pond, bladder, Ramshorn or Malaysian Livebearing in another tank will provide a more ready supply.
Many thanks, I'll keep an eye on my snail population. I may have to add some more. Don't want my little Puffers to starve.

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