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    What live foods can I culture in a 2.5-gallon tank?

    as the title says I have a 2.5-gallon tank. one of those cheap bowfront 2.5 betta tanks, and I was wondering what I can culture because I am hoping to breed angel fish by feeding them live foods.
  2. CozyCat

    Live bloodworms??

    Hello, I've had some cardboard soaking in a bucket of water for a few weeks because I keep forgetting to tip it out over the compost. I was just about to tip it out when I noticed these red wiggling worms (photo below). Feel like this is a dumb question but are these bloodworms? If so, can they...
  3. xipo817

    What do you think is the key for successful moina breeding

    Moina breeding is not always successful. I recently found out that light is necessary if you want to breed it well. I use LED light about 16 hour a day.And feed them dry yeast and spirulina mix powder. Is there any tips for moina breeding? I would appreciate it if you would share it here.
  4. Circus

    Thinking About Culturing Scuds

    Any advice here? Pros and cons? From the bit I have read they seem like a decent live food for small and medium fish. I have a spare 10 gallon tank that I am growing hornwort and algae in, thought about using it for live foods and scuds look like a nice option.
  5. Retired Viking

    Feeding my tetras some live mosquito larvae

    Finally had some mosquito larvae show up to feed my tetras. They went wild over the fresh food.
  6. MimiDawn

    Hi there! I'm Mimi

    I'm Mimi. I USED TO kinda view fishies as living decor BUT after a few decades of keeping them, I look at my aquatic babies just the same as my fur babies. ... even right there, behind my Epilepsy Service Dog. I can even pet them, kiss them through the glass and hand feed them. I currently...
  7. Ellie Potts

    Fish Food

    Hey! I've been doing a lot of research about different types of fish, tanks, filters, heaters, etc to get my first fish tank (or at least my first tank that I alone own) but struggled to find information on fish nutrition. I'm planning on keeping 2 dwarf gouramis, 2 killifish, 10 neon tetras...
  8. D

    Dark worms in my White Worm Culture

    So a few weeks ago I purchased a white worm started culture. Overall they culture has been doing well and generally thriving. However, recently I have been noticing these smaller, dark colored worms that appear to be segmented within the culture. They appear to be completely distinct from the...
  9. ukdamon

    Dwarf/Pygmy Puffer

    I have 3 dwarf puffers and I have never really kept puffers before. I am aware that they eat snails and frozen food rather than pellets and flake food etc. If I don't have many snails in my tank do I need to buy live food/snails for them? Any advice would be useful, Thanks
  10. BettaPonic


    Can I raise Gammarus or some other live food off the back of a ten gallon in a 3 gallon container? They would be food for Guppies, Least Killifish, and maybe a Betta.
  11. EricBacker

    Switching Food

    Hey so I am new to this hobby and have a some questions. Let me first explain my set up and situation. I have a 30 gallon tank, a fluval 50 filter, an Eheim Jager heater for a 40 gallon tank, a current LED lightstrip, live plants (sorry dont know the names, 1 rock and sand substrate. I have 5...
  12. frothhelmet

    Mini Daphnia Varieties

    Looking for varieties of miniature daphnia - Got some moina macrocopa from BigC a couple years ago but my culture collapsed after a recent move and he no longer seems to be around. Can anyone recommend a source? Cheers.
  13. PrincessKiara

    Flake-Eating Pipefish And Angels? Quick Help Please!

    Hello! As some of you may remember, I have a 240L tank with a 100L sump setup, filled with bio-balls. Here are my tank stats: Planted: Somewhat (corkscrew Val, Amazon Sword, hornwort thicket, Elodea, some sort of creeper plant); far more to come soon Decor: One lava-rock arch. No driftwood as of...
  14. MrsEspoNYC7

    Live Brine Shrimp To Feed My Fish?

    Hi I have a few questions on feeding my fish, I have 6 black skirt tetras, 5 long fin zebra danios, 1 blue dwarf gourami, and 3 Amano shrimp ( just added today and I love love love them by the way) I have read that you can feed live adult brine shrimp as a supplement to your fishes flake food or...