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  1. T

    Suspected dwarf gourami illness PLEASE HELP!!

    So I bought 2 dwarf gouramis about 5 months back and after around a week one died. I put this down to stress as I didn't see any symptoms, he just died but now, the remaining one has recently had a long string of white poop coming out of him constantly so I fed mashed peas for a few days. We now...
  2. G

    Bonding with Dwarf Gourami?

    (I’m new here, so I’m not exactly sure how this site works, :p) I just bought a beautiful dwarf gourami yesterday, because I was told that they are affectionate towards their owners. I love fish, especially those that recognize their owners. I was wondering how long it takes for a Dwarf...
  3. ukdamon

    Dwarf/Pygmy Puffer

    I have 3 dwarf puffers and I have never really kept puffers before. I am aware that they eat snails and frozen food rather than pellets and flake food etc. If I don't have many snails in my tank do I need to buy live food/snails for them? Any advice would be useful, Thanks
  4. I

    Planning a tank with seahorses!!!(dwarf probably)

    Hello everyone. I have a plan for a dwarf sea horse tank but I just want other people's thoughts on this to make sure it's good! So, I would want a fluval Evo, 5 gallons. I would probably have 12-16 dwarf seahorses as I read you can have 4 per gallon and I want to go easy since I'm just starting...
  5. AquaPit

    Shrimp Dying Phenomenon

    Hi I have read somewhere that shrimps have a survival instinct where they will die for the sake of the new generation (in this case shrimplets). Especially the males. If I remembered correctly, they do so because they want the new generation to survive and if the adult Male shrimps die, the...
  6. starlitsunrise

    Should I Get Another Frog? & Food Question

    Hey guys,  As some of you may know one of my African Dwarf Frogs died a few weeks ago, he got kinda bloated looking one night and then the next day he was gone. I'm not sure why that happened as my other frog and my betta are both fine. (more info...
  7. H

    Gourami Help!

    Hi.   I have a newly set up tank - RIO 125L JUWEL. I have had it doing a fishless cycle for 3 weeks, adding purebomb aquarium balls on two occasions. Today I added fish at 4pm (10pm now) - 2 pearl gouramis, 2 pink kissers and 2 blue male dwarf gouramis. The fish were transported all of 2 minutes...
  8. AquaPit

    A Variety Of Gouramis In One Tank?

    What do you guys think? Any experience keeping such stock?
  9. AquaPit

    How Many Dwarf Gouramis In A 60L Tank?

    My tank dimensions are 60cmx30x35 Approx. 60litres (17 US gallons) So... the question is, how many Dwarfs can I put in there? Future tank mates (most likely): 1) 10x Hasborus Cory Or 2) 6x Panda Cory Or 3) Just Dwarf Gouramis :)
  10. Liv15

    My Gourami Keeps Attacking The Thermometer!

    I have 2 male dwarf gouramis and one/both of them (not sure if its one of them or both - they look the same!) keeps hitting the thermometer in the tank which then hits against the glass making a loudish click noise. He does this now and then. I've heard 2 other people say their gourami has...
  11. mindwarpstudios

    Seeking Experienced Insight

    I am looking for an opinion of experience...  First, a bit of background:   I have a Female Cockatoo Cichlid who has had a bit of a troubled existence recently.  About two months ago, she lost a few scales directly in the middle of her forehead.  Fearing HITH but suspecting a collision, I...
  12. Y

    Angelfish & Dwarf Cichlids ?

    Ive got a Juwel Rio 180 with current stock of: 6 Angelfish (2 Gold Marble, 2 Koi Blue Flash, 1 Albino Scribble, 1 Platinum Silver) 4 Gouramis (2 Pearl, 2 Opaline) 2 Paradise fish 1 Clown Loach   I was wondering if I could get some dwarf Cichlids to go in the tank ?! If so, what ones could I get...
  13. StellaThePlaty

    Dwarf Gourami Tankmates?

    I have a new 10-gal tank in which i would like to keep a dwarf gourami, but i would also like some smaller fish for company. any suggestions? or could i even keep a dwarf gourami in it?? or is 10 too small?