1. L

    Zebra Danio Spawning?

    Hi I am new to having fish and purchased 4 zebra danios a month ago. When cleaning out the tank yesterday I found a baby, so I have purchased a tank float thing and have separated it from the adults, anything else I should be doing?. One of the danios look as though she is ready to spawn as she...
  2. CozyCat

    Breeding Peppers

    Hi, I have a group of 10 corydoras, 5 albino and 5 peppered. The albinos spawn after nearly every water change and I have lots of fry growing up in another tank. The peppers have never spawned, I can tell because the fry are albino. I think I have 2 female and 3 male peppers, one of the females...
  3. Uberhoust

    Angelfish are not Necessarily Monogamous

    I have read many articles on angelfish that state they are monogamous when given the choice, especially when they choose their mates. My personal experience is outside this norm, I have one actively breeding male in a tank of 8 angels, who has been spawning with one of two females. He has...
  4. primsloaches16

    Are these Corydora eggs fertile? *VIDEO OF SPAWNING!!*

    I am a very proud fish mom today! My corydoras have been spawning FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER all day today!!!!! I've been able to save 11 of the eggs so far, but most burst when I tried to get them. I'm not sure if it's because I'm inexperienced but I tried to be gentle. I read that fertlizied...
  5. W

    Danio Fish

    I have one male and one female danio fish who is very clearly caring roe, however she not laying her eggs... they have been in a breeding tank for 48 hours, but still nothing. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. M

    Harlequin Rasbora False Spawn?

    I have a 29 gallon well planted tank with 10 Harlequin Rasboras(2 males, 8 females) and Otocinclus. Every morning since I first put the fish in the tank, I see males and females exhibiting obvious spawning behavior on the underside of the leaves in my "ludwigia forest". However, I'm never able...
  7. S

    Breeding behaviors in female-only tank

    Hello world! I've been watching my Honduran Red Points fish do some stuff recently that I thought some of you might find interesting, so here goes -- My largest female, Zinnia, and my largest male, Rhaegar, successfully spawned about three months back. As soon as fry were free swimming, dad...
  8. G

    Male angel not fertilizing the eggs

    My female angel just laid eggs again, but the male is doing nothing! He's just watching, hanging out in the top corner of the tank. A bit over a week ago they spawned in the community tank and he fertilized them just fine. Now they're in a breeding tank, and his spawning tube isn't even out. Is...
  9. G

    Angelfish laid eggs but hungry fish try to eat them!

    I got my first angelfish about a week ago and they've been laying eggs today! However this is a community tank and I have a lot of hungry fish that would want to eat their eggs. I can set up a 100l tank with water and filter media from the big aquarium. I really don't want to disrupt it all tho...
  10. E

    Male Ram attacking Female after eggs were eaten overnight

    I made some posts about my GBRs spawning recently. Basically this morning I turned on the light and all the eggs were gone (corys ate them most likely). But now the male is seeking out the female ram and chasing her - I can distract them with food and they leave each other alone for a few...
  11. Demeter32

    Breeding/Raising Bristlenose Plecos

    Finally got eggs from my bristlenose pleco pair. Dad's a long finned normal colored young adult. Bought him at the pet store when he was tiny, only 6$. Mom's a full grown albino short finned female I received from the pet store owner. They've been flirting and digging pits near the caves...
  12. J

    Electric blue acara behaviour

    I need help or any tips or advice after the larger female spawned. The eggs are on the red rock. The behavior got worse after the the female spawned but started 3 days ago since I transferred them to the 90 gal tank. I purchased the younger male at a LFS in hopes of finding a mate for my...
  13. dopey696

    Breeding, Fighting Angelfish

    Hello peoples. I have four black and white striped angelfish, they were great fish together until they broke apart into two breeding pairs, each pair lays eggs about every two weeks and they're always fighting. The fighting isn't cool so unfortunately I have to get rid of one pair. My LFS will...
  14. C

    Breeding Mollies

    Hey everyone, I have a male/female pair of mollies in my tank, and I'm curious as to how easily they breed. Do they need a breeding process or will they breed on their own? Are there any telltale signs to look out for that shows they'll spawn soon? Also, if they do breed on their own, how will i...
  15. P

    First Time Seeing Fish Eggs. What Laid Them?

    We have a 65 gallon tank, fully cycled but not fully stocked. It's an upgrade from a 20 gallon which was an upgrade from a 10 gallon. We've been novice aquarium people for 2 years. We've never seen eggs until now.    Our new tank contains:   - 3 Albino Cory catfish (1 we've had for a year+ and...
  16. SouthernCross

    Honey Gouramis -What Is Missing?

    Hi everyone.   I have a lovely pair of honey gouramis (named Honey and Sugar), had them about six months now.   My question is - they display, they dance (where they look like they almost wrap), they are always interacting and clearly like each other! My male is always in his breeding colours...
  17. BelldandyShanny

    Showing Off My Kribs Spawning

    Just thought I'd show off some pretty krib colors as they are actively spawning.   link to a video
  18. dhartIndy

    Help! Panda Cory Pale - Normal When Spawning?

    So I just did a water change (about 10% every 4th day) and like clockwork I noticed my two adults have spawned again. Left a clutch of about 6 eggs and still at it. I noticed they have both gotten pale since yesterday. The male more than the female. Has anyone ever noticed or come across...
  19. K

    Spawning Mops (Sinking And Floating)

    Quantity for sale: until I run out of corks or wool Reason for sale: I need to reduce by fishkeeping accessories from 5 large boxes to something that fits under my biggest tank. the hobby has had the run of the house for the last 7 years and I would really like some of the space back for… me...
  20. dhartIndy

    Filtration Question - Spawning

    I have recently had an explosion of spawning in my 20 gallon long freshwater tank. I found a free swimming panda cory (approx 3-5 weeks old i think), 12 more panda eggs, and about 6 free swimming zebra danio fry. The tank has an aquaclear 50 hob and a backup sponge filter and lots of plants. I...