Crystal Red Shrimp Colony (Surrey)

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Jul 31, 2008
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Livestock: Crystal red shrimp
Age and condition: Various. Great condition!
Quantity for sale: probably 200?
Reason for Sale: New tank
Delivery or Collection: Collection
Sales price: Offers please
Willing to Ship (Yes or No): NO
Postage & Packaging Price: N/A
General Location Surrey UK
Photograph: Below

Hi all,

For sale is a large breeding colony of an estimated 200+ Crystal red shrimp. (its impossible to count).

I want to change my tank and the stocking and it means selling my much loved shrimp.

I will not post them and they will not be sold to someone who doesn't understand the needs of the shrimp. Im happy to give my knowledge to the next owner to complement theirs.

PLEASE MAKE ME AN OFFER for the group if you wish.

I could include the RO unit, spares, water barrels and all foods / nutrients, plus the substrate (ebi shrimp substrate) if the price is correct and buyer wants them.

I am happy to sell smaller amounts to buyers too.

Please excuse the photos as they are taken on my phone which seems to have a camera from 2003!!

Located In Surrey.

Wow I wish you lived closer I would take them off your hands for $5 bucks each, In Australia they are about  $12 each.
Now have the items needed to offer postage. Unsure on the cost for next day by 1pm delivery.
How much do you want each
and how much to ship to mainland uk
£3 a shrimp (usually charge £4)
Its £11 postage - special delivery next day by 1pm.
Posted 4 lots out last week, all arrived perfectly.

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