Theodoxus Fluviatilis River Nerite + Caridina Babaulti Malaya 'Red'

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Fish Crazy
Apr 30, 2010
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I haven't posted on here in a long time, but used to a lot. Ok this is an odd one. I have wanted Caridina Babaulti Malaya 'Red' for literally years, and I just had the opportunity to acquire it. However, I needed to buy 50 of them which is too many for me. So I need someone to take 20 off my hands. However, I recognize that this is a weird situation, so I am offering the coolest / rarest thing I possess to sweeten the deal - the 100% freshwater breeding river nerite - Theodoxus Fluviatilis. This nerite is just like a normal nerite in its smearing algae eating power. I imported these 8 years ago from Germany pre-Brexit, and even if you could still get them imported, it's no longer possible to find them available anywhere in Germany. I haven't sold this snail in about 3 years and probably never will again. So I got the shrimps for £4 ea, shipping is £20 (or I can drop them off around Central London for free), and delivery will take place next week Wed or Thurs - i.e. May 24th or 25th. So the price will be £100 for the 20 shrimps outside London. The shrimps will be young and not coloured up yet - but attached are photos of mature female shrimps sourced from the same place. Caridina Babault's breed in freshwater too, so once you have a colony you can keep them going. They are tropical shrimp so handle the upcoming summer heat relatively well, and don't cross breed with Cherries or Crystals, only other Babaulti varieties. It would be good if you can set up a breeding tank for them and make them available in the UK for other members from time to time - also the nerites. The photos and video of the nerites are my own. PM me if you are interested right away. If you want just 10 shrimps I could ship them with the 6 nerites for £70, or you can pick them up in London for £50. First come, first serve.

Video of River Nerites

Babaulti Malaya 'Red'.png

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