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Breeding rummynose tetra (bleheri)

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Sep 7, 2021
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Czech republic
did anyone here ever successfully breed rummynose tetra ( I have the bleheri ones)? If yes, could I have any tips? I would like to try that.
Also any tips on how to catch the torpedoes?

side note, I have has my bleheri for 10 months now, I have a group of 18 and they were various sizes when bought, some are 4-5 cm, some are 3cm. My bet would be to go with one or two of the largest, most likely females, and two smaller, most likely males. I feed live/frozen daily anyway, so they could be "conditioned" from the main tank already. I have a 40x40x40cm cube which is full of plants and I breed minnows in there, I plop the adults in for 24 hours and have fry in a week. For this case I would buy a mesh net, place it above the substrate but leave some plants sticking out, maybe move one of the larger ones in there first for a day or two, then add the others. All depends on if I would be even able to catch any single one I guess. Catching them out of this tank would be easier and I would love for the fry to hatch in this cube, where I could take care of them. I also have some gardening peat that I could add to the tank in a bag to lower the pH, right now is about 6,8 or so I think

Feed them 3-5 times a day for at least 2 weeks before breeding them.
Do more water changes and gravel cleaning when feeding more often.

Separate males and females for 5 days before breeding them.

Put a pr (1 male & 1 female) into the breeding tank in the afternoon. They should breed the following morning. Morning sunlight shining into the tank can help.

The water in the breeding tank should have a pH below 7.0, and a GH of 0ppm.
You should soak peat or add tannins to the water in the breeding tank so the water is stained dark brown.

Have a thin layer of gravel on the bottom of the tank. Have a clump of Java Moss.

Do not have a light above the breeding tank because tetra eggs are photo-sensitive, and the developing embryos die if exposed to light.

Have the back and sides of the tank covered in black card or paper so no light comes in from the sides. After breeding, remove the adults and cover the front glass with black card too.

After breeding you can reduce the water level in the breeding tank to about 4-6 inches. This will let the fry be closer to any food you add to the tank. After a few weeks you can increase the water level.

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