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  1. K

    Fin Rot or Fin Nipping?

    My betta used to have such a beautiful billowing tail, but now it’s short with big chunks missing. A few weeks ago, he was not doing so well and so I put some catappa bark in his tank, and he has been doing so well since then! The water is very brown which you can see in the pictures, and the...
  2. mmarx339

    Rainbow fish curved back

    Okay so to start. I had a 20 gallon tank that had 1 beta 2 cory cats and 1 turquoise rainbow fish. The tank sat that way from January ish to about a couple weeks ago. I then added 2 dwarf rainbows 2 boesemani rainbows and 2 more female betas. Everything seemed fine then I eventually noticed that...
  3. B

    Panda Garra Red Tail

    I have some Panda Garras that are juveniles and none of them have any red on their tails. I have been seeing pictures of them on line with red on their tails. Do they get the red when they get older or do some not have red on the tail?
  4. E

    Help! Guppy is swimming vertically, has become bent, and is missing part of his tail!

    Hi, I'm new here. We have a 10 gallon tank with 6 guppies, 3 Mexican dwarf crayfish, and three racer snails. Last week ,all fish were healthy. A few days ago, I noticed that one guppy was swimming a little funny and he was slightly curved to one side, like a C if you were looking down from the...
  5. F

    My Bettas Tail Won't Grow Back

    Hi, so I went out of town a couple months ago for a month or so and when I came back, my betta's tail was completely shredded. The top of his anal fin is ripped off and the bottom half is split down the middle and just all together Shredded. My first thought (after checking that it wasnt fin...
  6. RezKat

    Betta is at bottom of tank

    Hi was wondering if anyone can help. I have a 20 litre tank, temp at 24C with filter and pump. My tank has a Albino catfish, Platy and a Betta. The betta recently has been on the ground and not moving alot, iv noticed over the past few weeks his tail looked shredded now it is short, his fins...
  7. K

    What is this?

    My 1 year old male guppy has a weird lump in his tail. It is pretty big. He doesn't act like it's affecting him at all. He has had the same tank set up for 2 years it's a 20 gallon. They eat a variety of froazen brine shrimp, brine shrimp dry, algae flakes, and fish flakes. Any ideas to what...
  8. mrstwalker

    Urgent! Betta/platy

    Hi all,    Let me sort of start from the beginning. Around 6-7 months ago, my gorgeous blood red male crowntail betta (Mistletoe - got him as a christmas gift) passed away. He was a BIG boy, but had such a gentle nature to him. He was housed with a few platys (of all colors and variety) and 3...
  9. E

    Ill Guppy Tail Growth

    A couple of weeks ago one of my male guppies died, his tail became clumped together and he was unable to swim properly. One of my other guppies has just started showing signs of this today, however his tail is not as clumped together as much as the other guppy. Is this an infection or fungus and...
  10. S

    Neon Tetras Missing Tails

    Hi guys, I haven't seen this problem before and I'm a bit baffled. My sons 150l tank has various guppies, platies, swordtails and neons. There is also an oto and bristlenose plec. The conditions are all normal and i do regular water changes every week. There are also hundreds of mts in...
  11. U

    Beta Splenden Mystery (Fin Rot Or ?)

    After much confusion over several attempts to introduce my female beta, Petunia, into larger quarters than her usual home (.5gal tank on my desk) I have finally come to a forum to BEG. And I mean it, BEG for any answers. Petunia is a female splenden. A beautiful fish. A happy, healthy...
  12. K

    Zebra Danio (Glofish) Lost Her Tail, Help?

    I have a small castle in my 10 gallon tank, and noticed that one of my danios was stuck in one of the holes. When I removed her from it, she had worn off her tail and some side fins and is now sitting in the bottom of the tank. There are three other danios and one black molly with her, but they...
  13. K

    Sick Betta: Lymphocystis?

    Hi All,   I'm a new forum member looking for some help with my sick fishy. I have a charming little 2y/o blue betta boy, 'Wee Mad Arthur', who I stupidly left in the care of someone else while I went away for 3 months. I did leave the caretaker a 3 page document on how to clean the tank and feed...
  14. 9

    Guppy Tail Disintegrating

    I bought a new guppy for my tank Sunday, when I opened the bag I noticed it had a huge inflated abdomen and soon began trailing long white poo. I came home from work today and it was just sitting on the bottom if the tank and it's tail had disintegrated! I have no idea what's happening but all...
  15. LicianDragon

    Guppy Tails Being Torn Up Again!

    I have a 20 gallon planted community tank. Fish include-   3 female guppies 1 male guppy 1 hifin molly 1 red-tiger platy 1 red-tail sand loach 3 julii cory cats 1 hillstream loach   I've had issues with fin tearing before that was attributed to an overstocked tank. The tank is fine now but my...
  16. Jessman

    Fishes Being Attacked And Killed, Help!

    Hi, i went to the lfs yesterday and saw a few female fighting fish, i know they can be kept with other fish unlike the males so i asked the store keeper if they can be kept with platys and guppies and she said yes, so i bought 3 beautiful females. Within an hour of them being in my tank they had...
  17. LicianDragon

    Betta And Male Guppies Suddenly Have Their Fins Ripped Up?

    I noticed this morning that my male betta and several of my male guppies have their tail fins torn up pretty badly. This all seemed to happen overnight. I have a 20 gallon tropical community tank.My fish include-   7 Fancy guppies:mixture males and females( Poecilia reticulata )  1 Golddust...
  18. CoryLover95

    Tetra With Hurt Tail

    Hi! So this isn't exactly an *emergency*, so I didn't post it in the emergency section, but I would like some help and fairly soon if possible. I have a Long Fin Red Minor Tetra which I've had for about 2 weeks or so, and this morning he had half of its tail off.  It looks like the fish was...
  19. A

    Bubble Molly Swimming In Circles

    I've only been keeping fish a little while so I'm definitely rather new. I noticed my black female bubble Molly swimming in circles about an hour ago. Other then a kinked tail she seems okay. It seems more like her tail is stuck to the right. All of her fins are moving fine. She's not hovering...
  20. K

    Betta Fin Rot

    Hi I have a betta that I bought a couple of weeks ago that I think has fin rot affecting only his tail. I did a complete water change, got him so plants to hide in (to reduce his stress), and started treating him 3 days ago with Bettafix. I think that it is getting worse. He lives in a 4 gallon...