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  1. J

    Advice on stocking for a newbie

    Hey guys, I'm more or less new to the hobby. Had fish as a kid, but as far as things go I'm pretty much a beginner. I've done a lot of research into different fish and their needs the past year or so but that doesn't compare to real experience so I thought I'd come ask you nice people for your...
  2. D

    Stocking a 15gal tank. Your thoughts?

    Hi everyone. Im planning on aquascaping my first 15gal tank and was wondering what fish i could keep together. So far i was using Aqadviser to determine what fits and what doesnt but i know u shouldnt 100% trust these tools. I was wondering if u could take a look at what i got and tell me what...
  3. P

    stock my 55 gallon for me

    hello, hows it going? appreciate the help. so my 55 gallon tank is about cycled and i will move my 2 Electric Blue Acaras from another tank to the 55 gallon. my questions were what should i stock along with those rad bad boys? i have some ideas, but would like to know yall ideas on the numbers...
  4. Falconwithaboxon

    Stock addition

    So I've had a 29-gallon tank since August and just had a question on my stock. I was wondering if I could bring my zebra danios and albino cories up from 4 each to 8 each. I currently have 1 dwarf gourami, 8 neon tetras, 4 platies, 4 albino cories, 4 zebra danios, 4 siamese algae eaters, and 1...
  5. Barry Tetra

    Need help with stockings (again!)

    Hi guys, I need help with the stockings again right now I have; 20 Neon tetras, 6 lemon tetras, 27 kuhlii loaches, 4 Rosy and 5 cherry barb I have 2 tank which is 24 and 20 gal Need help with stockings to separate them to these tanks @AdoraBelle Dearheart @Colin_T @AilyNC
  6. R

    Splitting freshwater stock between 3 gallon and new 5 gallon

    Right now I have a 3 gallon planted nano freshwater tank, cycled, heated, and filtered. Living in it are 1 Betta, 1 mystery snail, 1 pom pom crab, and some random MTS & pond snails. There's 3 anubias nana, 2 marimo balls, 1 3x3" moss carpet, two small slate rocks covered in Christmas moss, and a...
  7. Too Many Hobbies

    Stocking Ideas 20gal/75l

    Hi! I’m new here and to the hobby and have had many questions but been too shy to post in my local fb group. Ive been running a 5gal for the past 3 months and I want to upgrade to 20gal. Currently I have 5 espei rasboras, 4 Pygmy cories, and maybe 4 rcs (usually hiding). my mom complains that my...
  8. xlinkinparkx


    Hi Folks, This is my 90G I've been putting together this 90G for a while now, I have finally moved fish from two smaller aquariums in here and placed the plants/gravel/rocks where I wanted I'd like to hear your thoughts on my stock and I am opened to any ideas. Stock 4 keyhole cichlids 1...
  9. S

    Gourami Compatibility

    Hello again! Since the success of the last forum when it comes to having my questions answered, I figured I’d post another. So as of right now I have a fully cycled, planted, hexagonal 40 Gal tank with three Gourami (one neon blue dwarf, one samurai dwarf and one licorice dwarf) but I wanna add...
  10. M

    Help stocking 60gal with dojo

    Hi, I am still fairly new to the fishkeeping hobby. (And new to this forum) I wasn't very smart at all when I first got into it and purchased a Golden Dojo Loach with only the information the store gave me in a small conversation. This Dojo has become my favorite pet very quickly, and I recently...
  11. S

    Black Skirt Kept Alone - Advice?

    Hi! I recently acquired a new tank on Craigslist... it is a five gallon with two Mollies and one Black Skirt Tetra. I bought the tank for my shrimps, wasn't told it already contained fish. I know that the black skirt is a schooling fish so I was planning on moving him/her to my 10 gallon when...
  12. J

    Help with stocking tank/ Questions about a few fish!

    Hello! I'm Jacob, and I started my first aquarium around a month ago. My current lineup of fish are 3 Clown Plecos and 6 Neon Tetras. My tank is a 20 Gallon, and I can get the measurements right quick if I need to. Originally, I was going to find some Khuli Loaches and use them in place of the...
  13. B

    Stocking my new 90L Tank

    Hi everyone, I've got a brand new 90L fluval tank, I'm just nearing the last stages of cycling it and I was thinking about the stock I wanted for it. I currently have a pleco, 1x adult male swordtail, and 2 young adult male guppies Basically I was looking for some advice on stocking...
  14. B

    Stocking 5.5 Gallon Saltwater Tank

    I wanted to stock a 5.5 gallon saltwater tank. What type of plants, fish, and invertebrates could I have? I really like brittle stars, Panda Gobies, and sexy shrimp, but if those won't work I am open to other types. Could I have any of those in the tank? And how many of each species should I put...
  15. R

    Stocking Gourami for 30 Gallon tank

    Hey guys, I’m getting my largest tank yet soon, and I’m hoping I can snag a 75 gallon, but I’m having trouble finding one for a reasonable price. I’m thinking I’ll have to settle for a 30 gallon. I’ve completely fallen in love with my dwarf Gourami I received after a friend of mine couldn’t keep...
  16. tgwthf

    stocking my 55 gallon freshwater aquarium, thoughts?

    Hello everyone! I'm nowhere near close to setting up the tank, stand is still being built and needs to be cleaned out of all the sand and stuff, but i'm in the process of trying to find some fish i can put in there, will be keeping it around the 24C temperature mark. so far i'm thinking of...
  17. cooledwhip

    Would This Restock Plan Work?

    I have a 20 long, fully cycled aquascape. Here is a pic of the layout: http://imgur.com/3YpPnOu   I currently have 3 panda platies, 3 guppies, 6 endlers livebearers, (3 male 3 female) 3 dwarf neon rainbowfish, a bunch of shrimp, 2 blue mystery snails, an albino bristlenose pleco. The reason...
  18. cooledwhip

    Stock My Freshwater Tank. Help Stocking :)

    Hey everyone I have a 20 gallon long freshwater planted tank that I've had for about 2 months now. It is cycled and the plants are doing AMAZING.    Throughout the course of the 2 months I had lots of trouble with the plants and didn't think they would grow but they are flourishing now and I am...
  19. W

    Advice On Stocking My Community Tank?

    I have a 50 gallon bow front tank that I've had established for a long time but I need to finish stocking it with fish. I currently have 4 Serpae tetras, 5 neon tetras, 3 Sterbai corys, 2 peppered corys, and 1 albino aeneus cory.   My current plan is to have: 8 Neon tetras 0 or 8 Serpae tetras...
  20. starlitsunrise

    5 Gallon Stocking - Would This Be Alright?

    Hey guys,    I have a 5 gallon tank that I am currently cycling. It is heated to 78F, has a homemade sponge and ceramic media filter, is going to be moderately planted and has a lid and a small LED light. I was wondering if the following would be alright?   Stocking I want: -2 Ghost Shrimp -1...