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  1. metropolis93fan

    Best sponge for 10 gallon with chemical filtration? QUIET Air pump?

    It never used to bother my betta having a HOB filter but lately he won't go on that side of the tank. He's healthy.... eating fine... but if I can find a good sponge filter that has chemical filtration for a 10 gallon tank... as well as a QUIET air pump... I'd really like to switch him over to a...
  2. B

    Filter for shrimp tank

    Hey there, I have a 10g tank to which I will add some cherry shrimp. I tried to aquascape it as good as I could and I also added all kinds of plants, moss, floating plants etc. The thing is that I really need to inject co2 with these plants and the tank has a sponge filter at the moment. I...
  3. V

    Sponge filter assistance

    I just got a sponge filter since my other filter stopped working. Even though the main filter is malfunctional, I don't want to remove it right away because I could risk crashing the cycle. So, how long after having the sponge filter in can I take out the broken filter? Another problem. The...
  4. ellamay

    Using established tank to set up new tank using sponge filter

    I’m setting up a new tank for a betta, have had the sponge filter I’ll be using in my established tank for a week now. How long do I need to leave a new sponge filter in my established tank to get enough of the beneficial bacteria before moving it to my new tank and putting my betta in? I don’t...
  5. S

    Custum large sponge filter

    Hello. I made a huge custom sponge filter for my 244 gal aquarium. I hate the hose at the top of them so this is what I did. I used the bottom weight and connector from a basic one. I drilled a 1/4" hole through the center. Cleaned out all shavings that got stuck inside. Than I used a 1" pvc...
  6. Corydoras_Catwoman

    Can I turn the pump off?

    I’ve got a completely DIY planted tank going for my bedroom. It’s only a 15l tall tank (I re-siliconed an old reptile enclosure and installed gaps for piping) so I’ve made a homemade filter from some parts I had lying around. It’s got a chamber with some ceramic filter media and an external...
  7. Linkandnavi

    Positioning an Internal Power Filter Horizontally

    Evening all, Does anyone know whether there would be any issue with positioning an internal power filter horizontally? I cannot in theory think of why it would be an issue. A filter such as the Aquael Mini Pat. A small pump pulls water through a sponge, which then passes through a small...
  8. C

    Replacing the black carbon sponge

    Hi there I have the bioflow L juwel filter and I currently have the black carbon sponge out as I am medicating my fish but it made me wonder how ofter should I replace that sponge? Does the carbon become inactive in a certain period of time and what really does it do if someone could help me...
  9. V

    Changing betta filter

    Sorry i don't know if this is the right place for this but i want to change my bettas filter from one which hangs off the back to a sponge filter since i think my current one is too strong. I just want to know how i should go about this without shocking him too much ?
  10. S

    Hydrodynamic Mattenfilters

    Hi! Recently, I have been switching my sponge filters over to the Hydrodynamic Mattenfilters offered by Aquatica out of Cleveland, Ohio! These are a great alternative to poret foam filters and cost less. The fit is perfect and they're super efficient! Anyone looking for an upgrade, check them out!
  11. T

    Will my sponge filter work.

    Hey I'm just wondering, can you use a sponge filter with a water pump. I've already got a water pump spare big enough for the tank I'm gonna set up, I'm thinking about picking up just a simple sponge filter and pulling water through the sponge filter using the water pump. Will this work it's...
  12. cowgirluntamed

    Filter And Cycling Question

    Ok, I think I am going to do a nice little 5.5 gallon betta tank for my "office" where I am going to try to do some writing. I thought maybe having a fish in there would get me to go in there and work more....lol. Anyway, I may be able to set up the 5.5 gallon way before my 55 that I want to do...
  13. B

    Diy Sponge Filter For Guppy Fry Tank

    I found a really nice cylinder jar at the thrift store that holds about 6 gallons of water or so. I have my new born guppy fry in there with a bubbler/airstone and a live plant. Every night I siphon out the waste that settles at the bottom with a hose or turkey baster and replace with treated...
  14. B

    How To Make A Sponge Filter

    Hey guys, so I was wondering if any of you knew how to make a sponge filter? 
  15. Mamashack

    Hamburg Matten Filter

    Have recently discovered the existence of Hamburg Matten Filters (HMF) on my quest to find a betta-friendly filter. My betta seems to be shredding his tail in his Interpet PF mini. I have moved everything else that could have caused his tail damage, but it happened again since then so I have...
  16. F

    Can You Cycle A New Tank With A Sponge Filter?

    Hello, I am very new to aquariums and am doing my best to understand the cycling process. I have always loved betta fish and after long consideration have decided to breed my male and my female. I have learned as much as I can, and have bought two tanks, filters, testing kits, heaters...
  17. rpgmomma8404

    Diy Sponge Filter Question?

    I'm thinking about making one for both my 10 and 15 gallon tanks to give them the extra filtration. I want to go as cheap as I possibly can with this. I noticed that the biggest things that would cost the most would be the filter sponge if I bought it from the pet store (I haven't found anything...