1. ech0o

    First Diy Aquarium Build, Small 2Gallon To Breed Snails!

    Held water on the first try, I'LL BE DAMNED!!  I set down dowels under the bottom piece to elevate it up so the pressure wouldn't be on the long flat surface, instead on the sides which is much better I feel.   I am going to add a brace on the top somewhere probably, the glass is very thin and...
  2. Billiemay

    Strange White Algae, Worm Thing.. Helpp

    I have cycled my tank and all the levels were good I added 2 albino Corydoras yesterday and today I have these white things growing they look like the white fluffy things on dandelions and there also was what looked like a white worm sort of thing very tiny moving on my glass, my betta is due to...
  3. JellOh


    That's right! I have some unidentified flying snails. Well, maybe they aren't flying, but I have no idea where they came from. I do have some apple snails in the tank, but wouldn't I notice eggs floating at the top of the tank? Plus, I don't leave enough room for them to breed, only about an...
  4. A

    Newbie With Substrate Questions

    I am starting a new tank, 50 gallons and before I set it up I was wanting to know what kind of substrate I should start with.  My goal is to have a fairly natural looking freshwater tank with plants and fish.  I'd also like to have a few invertebrates if possible such as snails.  What kind of...
  5. S

    Selling: Mts Malaysian Trumpet Snails

    Hi I'm getting quite a few MTS's in my tank now and just putting the feelers out to see if anybody would be interested in buying some I can post within the UK Let me know if interested Thanks
  6. donnylad1980

    Snail Advice!

    Hi Guys,   Quick bit of advice. I have an 11 gallon tank that's settled nicely with 3 small mollies, 1 platy, 1 Gupppy, 1 Pleco and 1,476,456,242 snails!!   I've never put any snails in the tank, but 2/3 tiny ones stowed away on the various plants I've got in there. But, in a very short space of...
  7. toc

    Article: How I Accidently Removed 100% Of Pest Snails!

    Hi All, I just wanted to share my findings as I went through countless articles over years attempting to remove a small snail from my tank, none of the methods removed them in totality just helped control them to varying degrees.   Prevention is the best option: However you're probably reading...
  8. P

    Apple Snail Babies?

    Ok so i noticed some bright red eggs at the top of my tank out of the water, googled in and assumed they were apple snail eggs. I have had creamy white eggs before but never bright red ones. Was looking at the eggs today and noticed around it, out of the water, i noticed was loads of tiny red...