1. rossclan151

    Fiddler Crabs And Mystery Snails

    We rescued 2 fiddler crabs from Wal-mart and it has changed our fish keeping lives.  My kids are doing research and learning all they can.  We upgraded and expanded our tank and now have a second tank.  We have had successful moltings and seemingly happy crabs.  We now rescued a female fiddler...
  2. G

    Fish Dying, Help Please

    My guppies are dying? One at a time. About every third day and only the females? 2 year old, Fifteen gallon tank, 8 adult guppies, just had 25 fry. Also 2 Kory catfish, about 1-1/2 inches long. My fluval (20gl size) filter gummed up with a milky algea looking stuff and ran dry. I had no choice...
  3. P

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello! I'm new to the forum. I've been exclusive to a betta forum for awhile because I've been keeping bettas exclusively for several years, but I've more recently branched out and adding different species so I decided it was time to join a more general forum!   I have a 20G long tank divided...
  4. A

    Quick Question: Mystery/apple Snails Or Ramshorn?

    I have three black/purple mystery snails in my 29 gallon freshwater community tank. I also have a 10 gallon nursery tank.    29 Gallon Fresh Community tank: -female bettas (peaceful) -female molllies (relatively peaceful) -3 Black/Purple mystery snails (1"- 1 1/2") -Live plants galore -Medium...
  5. Mamashack

    Ramshorn Snails As Assassin Snail Food - Have I Made A Mistake?

    I currently have 2 tanks: 1x30L with a male betta, an assassin snail and 3 amano shrimp 1x60L with platy population, 2 assassin snails and 4 amano shrimp. I got the assassins to clear up an influx of hitchhiker common snails. They seem to have got rid of those and I was concerned that they had...
  6. T

    Are My Snails Laying Eggs?

    Hi everyone!   I have a small filtered tank that I felt only suitable for snails. I currently have three baby snails I assume are apple snails (please feel free to correct me if I am wrong!) I got the little guys/girls from a pet store about two weeks ago and they're already growing.    Two out...
  7. mrstwalker

    Cold Water Pleco/snails - Help!

    I am getting some allege in my cold water koi tank, i was wondering if there are any allege eating pleco type fish that could be in at tank that stays around 68-70*F-ish or snails that wont escape (openings in the top) I would really like to NOT get snails, but i need something to eat up this...
  8. B

    Snail Infestation - Need Input

    Hey,   I have a 30 litre tank which is around 6/7 Gallons, first put fish in it a few months ago, and was advised by my local fish store what to stock. it currently has 8 small harlequins in and 2 bronze corydoras. I recently came across an issue, snails....i have no idea what type they are, i...
  9. M

    Do Snails Get Inbreeding Depression?

    I would like to breed my mystery snails.  I know that inbreeding doesn't have any negative effects on bugs.  And you can inbreed fish to a point before seeing negative effects.  But I can't find much information on snails.  And what information I do find, isn't consistent from source to source. ...
  10. Fishywishy333

    What Other Fish?

    Hi everyone, so I am going to try and upgrade my aquarium at Christmas time (I say try because I might not have the funds). Right now I have my 11 rummynose tetras, 1 guppy, 2 snails (can't remember species) and 5 amano shrimp in a 60 litre aquarium. I also wanted lots of live plants in the new...
  11. tmoney7

    Swimming Snails?!

    I looked in my 10gal today and saw that there were snails moving along the top of the water upside down. At first i thought my eyes were playing a trick on me but i looked closer and there was another one in the middle of the tank just swimming around.  What kind of snails are these?
  12. F!shy


    Hell all, After some opinions Please...   I Have Planted 3 Plants into an Empty Aquarium and found I had a stow-away snail arrive. I know they are cleaners so am not totally against having him in there (I think).   However in a couple of weeks once its ready and running for a short while (maybe...
  13. NeonNeptune

    Snails As Food?

    So today i found a pond snail and immediately removed it. I then thought my fish might want to eat it so I cracked his shell and through him back in. The fish went nuts! Its seems that raising a colony of pond snails would be so easy. Do you guys think they would make a good staple diet?
  14. tmoney7


    The thing i was talking about is right above the snails which is actually on the glass     I know they are a little blurry as its the best i could do at the moment as it is getting late but i keep finding more and more of these little white dots scattered all over my tank.  There is more and...
  15. tmoney7

    Betta With Pygmy Corys?

    So i have a 10 gal tank with 6 pygmy corys and 3 olive nerite snails and i was just wondering if adding a betta would be overloading the tank.  The tank is planted (i wouldn't say heavily because my corkscrew vallis is still making up its mind on whether or not to grow).  The one thing i hate...
  16. tmoney7

    Snails To Control Algae?

    So i have a 10 gal tank with a HOB filter and 6 pygmy corys and i have always had an algae problem in my tank.  Its nothing serious like hair algae (although there is some BBA growing on my anubias nana) but it is just that green film all over the glass on my tank.  What i was wondering is if i...
  17. Bettabuddy664

    Snail Problem

    Hi guys, I have 2 Chinese Algae eaters one is about an inch, and the other is about half an inch. Anyways, I also have 2 Apple Snails, 1 Black and 1 Gold. They are very active and outgoing, but the big algae eater likes to suck on their shells, which draws them back into their shells. After that...
  18. J

    Overrun With Snails

    I got myself a new plant about 7 weeks ago. A short while later, I noticed a snail casually making his way around my tank. Then 2. Then 4. Then 8. The other day I counted around 30, and no doubt there were many more in there that I couldn't see at that moment. Is this a problem? Presumably if...
  19. Nordk

    What Happened To My Snails?

    So, a month ago I put a melon sword in my gourami tank. About 2 weeks after that I noticed some Malasian Trumpet Snails crawling around, so I've been keeping an eye on the little hitch-hikers to make sure they don't take over. However, I found none today. The only occupant of the tank is a male...
  20. M

    Ahhhhhhh! Snails! I Think?

    So I'm cycling my 90l have been for 3 weeks, added a few plants as I was itching to get something but I refrained. Now I come to do my daily test and notice a snail about 4mm sliding across the glass! So I looked and there are at least 2 more smaller snails... Does this mean by the time I can...