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  1. K

    A Planted Tank Beginner

    Hey! So I've finally got things settled down at my place which means I can start working on my 29 gal (30'' W x 12'' D x 18'' H). It's empty at the moment, since I want to plant it but am very unsure of what is the best substrate for plants with me being new at this.    I tend to like darker...
  2. squidsagirl420

    Lighting In 20Gal Planted Tank

    Hello, had a question about the lighting in my tank, and i have gotten a lot of helpful info here!   Ok, so i have too much lighting for my 18-20gallon cube tank... it was previously salt water (many years ago) and it had a nice hood that goes with it. I replaced one bulb for a 6500k...
  3. squidsagirl420

    New Here, Need Help! Lighting For Planted Tank. Algae Bloom

    Hello, this is my first post :) I need some help. this is my first tank, I have what i was told is a 30gallon tank. i think its a nano cube style? lol. im sorry... noob probs. anyway, i have several plants and things were going well... Then i got a new bulb and shortly after, an algae bloom. Im...
  4. mrstwalker

    New To Planted Tanks, Advice Needed!

    So this is going to be a few months out, but I want to gather as much information as I can before I begin this process!   I have always wanted show quality butterfly telescope goldfish. And when I move in the next few months I think I will be at a place I can start the process. I have also...
  5. C

    White Bumps Near Fish's Mouth?

    Hello all, see the attached photos of white bumps that have appeared near my male Ram Cichlid's mouth.   I don' believe it is ich because they protrude quite far. The first one showed up about two weeks ago and the second bump just started to form. I'm not really sure how to proceed with it. Can...
  6. J

    Will The Bacteria Die?

    My 10 gallon tank is now pretty much empty due to the fact that my betta died not too long ago. All I have left is some java fern, and driftwood.There are of course no other fish in my tank.I was wondering if my beneficial bacteria will starve to death since there is no source of ammonia for it...
  7. M

    Ich - Replanting

    Hey all,   I was just wondering, I took my plants out of my tank to treat ich, and now that it is gone, and I have waited about ten days treating it, I would like to replant them. But I am not sure if it would have moved over to the quarantine tank where I have my plants (no fish), and I was...
  8. C

    What's Going On With This Plant (Pics)?

    I've got four of these sword plants, they were doing fine when I first put them in the tank. But now new leaves grow in distorted (ravelled edges, small, orange/red tint on the edges). The existing leaves seems to be thriving but new growth looks weak?   I'm not sure if this had anything to do...
  9. J

    Using Flourish In 10 Gallon Tank

    So I have a 10 gallon tank that is very lightly planted. I have small bunch of Java Fern on some driftwood, and some Anubias nana.NO special gravel,special lighting,CO2, or fertilizers YET. My tank has very low LED lights. But I've surprisingly gotten 4 or 5 new growth from the rhizomes and...
  10. G

    25 Gallon Tank Setup.

    Do you think A pair of german blue rams 6 neon tetras 4 cory cats And 2 ottos would be fine in a 25 gallon tank?
  11. Xzavier247

    Foreground Discussion

          What is your favorite foreground plant? This is an open discussion for others to see whats available and what it looks like. Please submit your answer following with a picture.  This is to also help others who are new to the planted tank.    I'll start off with Dwarf Hairgrass.    Another...
  12. S

    Svyatoslav In The Great 10 Gallon

    Heres a picture of my pet crowntail betta Svyatoslav, or Borris. I was taking a Russian history class at my university and the name kept coming up and was fun to say,but he also goes by Boris for those who can't pronounce or remember Svyatoslav. I have had him for about 9 months now and he's...
  13. Y

    Freshwater Pipefish Advice

    I am currently working on getting my aquarium environment ready for a freshwater pipefish, currently the tank is stocked with a small school of peaceful fish, shrimp, snails, and many plants, I have added in java moss as well to make housing for cultivating planktonic organisms, I am wondering...
  14. Y

    Spanish Ribbed Newt New Arrival

    Hello everyone, My Fiancee and I have just recently purchased a Spanish ribbed newt, he is currently in a moderately planted 20 gallon tank with a filter that is being displaced by a landing, The water temp is being kept at 70-71F, with a sand substrate and two different hiding zones and plenty...
  15. coolie

    Further Adventures In A Planted Tank...

    OK, so as per some other threads I started, my CO2 was up and running but folk on here pointed out my flow wasn't right so I corrected it by adding a second external filter FLUVAL405.   This was just a few days before xmas, but no sooner had I corrected the flow issues when the gas ran out and...
  16. Y

    45 Gallon Bow Tropical Freshwater Aquarium

    Hello everyone me and my fiancee have a currently 2 month old tank that is Tropical planted tank with Half Gravel and half Sand. In truth we actually have had this tank for 4 months, but the first month was a catastrophic failure. When we first got the tank we received with it "dirty gravel" to...
  17. W

    Carbon Or No Carbon?

    I have a brand new tank that's been running a fishless cycle for about 2 weeks. I'm still in the nitrite peak, so there's a while to go before I start adding fish. I have, however, started adding a couple of plants. And they're not doing well at all. They've been there for a week, and the fern...
  18. Kabernick30

    Fluorish Question

    I recently purchased seachem fluorish for my newly planted tank and i am wondering how often and what % of the recommended dosage will allow my plants to thrive Also will activated carbon remove the nutrients added? NKP levels are good and im not running co2 but i have a moderately stocked...
  19. kevcann

    My Planted Tank

    Planted tank consists of anubias,java fern,Amazon sword and water sprite. Assortment of cichlids 1 dwarf snake head, 1 reed fish,1 sail fin plec,2 clown loach,2 pictus catfish and 4 tiger barbs One big happy family
  20. MrJerry

    Planted Tank Attempt 3

    Hi guys and girls     So I’m trying to get a fully growing planted tank but always seem to fall short of the mark   I first tried with plants that I liked the look of in my lfs (school boy error) bought them and planted them into plain orange gravel with no fertz, no carbon and as you can tell...