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  1. JackGulley

    I'm feeling discouraged about my pygmy cories.

    So last month I got 6 pygmy cories to add to my 20gal community tank (relevant threads) with platies, zebra danios, and cherry shrimp. I really loved seeing them school at first. But, I don't think they're doing very well. Of the 6 I bought, 2 were unhealthy and died after a day or two. Another...
  2. Yuhui

    Lonely cardinal tetras with ich

    Hello there, I’m new to owning fishes and is been 5 days since I started in the fish community, so I need some help :). I have two cardinal tetras who recently got infected with ich, but I started treatments when I saw them. Fortunately, after three days of treatment the ich was gone but is...
  3. R

    First Fish Tank . Believe My Southern Platyfish is pregnant

    I have had him/her since July 2021 and no babies yet but I’ve recently started noticing how big she’s getting . Should I start looking out for babies ? I don’t even know if it’s a girl or boy .
  4. C

    New Tank Parameters, please advise

    Hey all! New to the forum. I have a 75 gal tank running with an Fx6 filter and heated to 74 degrees. Tank is decorated with little pebble stones and a huge piece of driftwood. That’s all for now. Tank was cycled for at least two weeks and fish were introduced. It’s been running for about a month...
  5. P


    Hey guys i have 3 corydora catfish i have had for a while now and i have never had any issues with them. today when i got home from work i went to feed them and i noticed one was sorta laying on it’s side and wouldn’t move so i tried to pick him up with the net (i honestly wasn’t sure if it was...
  6. shaziasadiqah

    What is this on my Blackghost Knife Fish?

    as i watch my tank tonight i notice that my blackghost knife (BGK) have this small white stripe on his/her body that really worry me. he/she just move to a new tank about two weeks ago and still hides a lot but eating normally and swimming around normally during the night. i do have a piece of...
  7. shaziasadiqah

    Guppy disease. Need help ASAP.

    This is a female guppy that my husband have in his 25gal fry tank. she got this weird white spot on her body near the tail about 2 days ago and then i start anti fungal medication, do a 20% water change everyday and put airstone to give more oxygen. but this morning i saw her dead laying on...
  8. shaziasadiqah

    Any advice on building a fish room?

    Since me and husband are now getting serious with this hobby we plan on make a fish room. we now have 4 tanks running, 57gal, 25gal, 16gal and a 10gal. our main question is there any special system required for a fish room? Like draining/water change system and filtration system? we plan on...
  9. D


    Hello, my name is Dave and I hope someone can answer a question for me. I have kept fish a long time ago so you might as well say that I am new. Would anyone be able to tell me if it would be feasible to keep 6 Zebra Danios, 6 Neon Tetras and 6 Panda Cory's together in a 20 gallon tank. I would...
  10. shaziasadiqah

    Is something wrong with my BlackGhost Knife Fish?

    So, in November i notice that my BGKF fins are not as usually, it is looking like tassel. So, i quarantine him because i’m scared if it’s a disease that could spread around it might got to his friend, another BGKF. i gave him Methylene Blue and Arciflavine bath every other day and wait. After...
  11. C

    Is there something wrong

    Hi there, One of my mollies has a strange trait of liking to literally lie on the substrate or on a decoration for a while then all of a sudden just gets up and acts completely normal and swims about etc. Also his fin is a very odd Shape and seems overgrown or something (as in the pic) is this...
  12. T

    New tank help required

    Hi there I am currently setting up a fish tank I have no fish as of yet as I am waiting until the water is ready. I have treated the water 2 days ago with filter boost and tap safe and yesterday I put plant care nutrition capsules in for my real plants to grow correctly today I woke up and there...
  13. R

    gold nugget Pleco turning pale

    Hello i brought a gold nugget pleco about a month ago 3 inches long, i have been keeping fish for 8 years now but this is my first pleco, i noticed 3 days ago that he was turning pale on his body and it has slowly spread over his back. other than that though he is still very active and eating...
  14. L

    Fish emergency!

    So, I have a 60 gal freshwater tank with guppys, platy's, swordtails and two Rainbows. About a month ago, one of my guppy girls started getting fat, assumed she was pregnant because we do have males in the tank as well. Recently though, she's started getting... blocky? We figured she was close...
  15. Dizzyjack

    Need help choosing stock for my new tank

    Hi everyone I'm setting up a new 500l tank and need help choosing the best fish to go with clown loaches as they are the reason I'm getting it. I don't really want fish like guppies in there, I'm looking for more exiting fish that still fit in a community tank. Thanks for any help
  16. L

    Please help! Cannot find any info on this

    Can someone please help me? One of my Dalmatian molly fish is going to die if I can't figure this out. I have a 60gallon tank, with 35+ other mollies (they keep having babies and I don't know what to do with them... but that is a problem for a different day). The tank has been established...
  17. nauticalnatalie71

    Platy Gives Birth Day After Introduction As First Fish Into Establishe

    Hi   I have had fish tanks a few years but still consider myself an amateur. Just got my old Biorb 60L back from my brother. All cleaned and re-established after two weeks empty and good water quality, nitrate levels fine. But......   I introduced two platys on Friday and as usual they got a...