Need help choosing stock for my new tank


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Jul 29, 2017
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Hi everyone I'm setting up a new 500l tank and need help choosing the best fish to go with clown loaches as they are the reason I'm getting it. I don't really want fish like guppies in there, I'm looking for more exiting fish that still fit in a community tank. Thanks for any help
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As you are a new member, we have no idea as to your level of experience, so I will cover some basics. I assume the 500 liter (130 gallon roughly) tank is minimum six feet in length, this is important for clowns that will get to a foot in length. And being very social, a group of five minimum. Lots of chunks of wood. Floating plants will dim the light and ease their skittishness.

Can you post your source water parameters? This will help us suggest tankmates, though generally the somewhat more active fish work well. Avoid sedate fish (gourami, cichlids). A few (but not all) of the barb species, some of the rasbora, some of the larger tetra could work.


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