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  1. F

    Help please!! - My goldfish has eaten another fish 😭

    Hi, all: My fantail goldfish has eaten an algae eater yesterday evening (we know she is a greedy fish but this is taking it to another level). As you can see, the fish is stuck in its mouth with the tail hanging out. My goldfish is lethargic and idle, staying at the bottom of the tank. I have...
  2. V

    Is this corydora healthy?

    I have a sole survivor after disease wiped out my group. I'm not sure what it is that they had, I've asked around on different sites and got varying answers, internal parasites, bacterial infection, gill flukes, and even fish TB. I wanted to ask on here if he looks healthy.
  3. W

    Healthy Guppy Poop?

    I would just like to clarify, what exactly would be consider a heathy guppy's poop? I see things about unhealthy or strange guppy poop, but I don't actually see any healthy poop. I just want to make sure I know what is what.
  4. A

    Possible Ick on Cory Cat

    I see little dots on my Cory, I was wondering if this is ick or if it is just debris
  5. kapsey

    Betta Bloat Getting Worse Despite Treatment

    I have a Betta in a 10 gallon planted tank, kept around 78-80 degrees F. I was previously feeding him Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets. He began bloating a few months ago. When I noticed, I stopped feeding him the micro pellets and began feeding him a mix of Mysis, Tetramin Flakes (his previous...
  6. A


    Hi, i have a bunch of tetras and was away from home yesterday and there was a power cut for about 9 hours. All my fish are turning more black and dying! What do i do?!
  7. Guyb93

    Are my fish ok ?

    Two of my electric blue acara I have 4 all juveniles from 2-3 inch my larger male and lager female ( what I believe is a female ) have started to get white on there anus? Reproductive gland ?sorry not sure the term And the other two haven’t , plan on doing a water test as soon as I get back...
  8. vikinglord13

    Dr. Erik Johnson, Koi Vet, interview

    Hello all, As some of you may know, I've been working on this video for some time now. It took much longer to edit than I anticipated, I hope you enjoy watching. If you like the video or learn something I simply ask you like my Facebook page, Zokomo Ranch; and, like the video on Youtube and...
  9. M

    Disease/fungus identification

    Hello everyone I’m new here with a fluvel flex 57l running about 7-8 months. I had a few fish deaths early on but the fish have generally been fine. Today I noticed that my bristlenose pleco has developed a whitish cloudy growth on it’s face. Does anyone have any idea of what this is, the...
  10. N

    First time Betta Owner, nitrogen cycling??

    I have never had a fish before and just purchased a betta from Petco two days ago. The person helping us at Petco assured us bettas are low maintanence and all we need is distilled water and a tank of any size. We used distilled water and a 2.2 gallon tank. Upon further research apparently it's...
  11. SummersBetta

    Fin Rot or am I crazy

    My Betta fish Clifford has some strange edges and color on his fins and tail and I'm not quite sure what to think of it. Most of the pictures I've seen online have had fins that have completely transparent edges or black edges and it doesn't quite match what I see. One thing to note is that...
  12. C

    New to bettas... Does my fish look healthy?

    Hello, I just got Jasper a couple weeks ago, and he has looked like this since I got him. I have fasted him for a couple days but it didn't look like a constipation bump so I stopped doing that. He eats 4 pellets a day (2 in the morning 2 at night) and gets an occasional frozen blood worms. He...
  13. BettaPonic

    What do you think?

    I love Fitbit and really work hard to get my steps. A few months ago I had to take a break because of an injury.
  14. P

    Cory With Eggs Or Should I Be Concerned?

    Hey guys!   This is my first time writing on this forum. I just wanted to get your opinion on one of my panda corys.   About 3 weeks ago I noticed one of my corys has a rounded pale spot close to its anal fin. I honestly have no idea what it could be. Maybe eggs?!? I looked all over the internet...
  15. GriffinC18

    Midget Guppy

    My guppies have had fry multiple times and i have never had a fry be a midget. The "fry" is now 5-6 months old and has grown a little bit but is still way to small for its age. I got baby black bar endlers and the guppy is only a little bit bigger than the endlers! Anyone know whats wrong with...
  16. NomNomTiger

    Hardy Fish? And Some Advice For Fish Health !

    What's a really hardy but beautiful fish to have? my angelfish just get sick too often. My nitrated and p.h are low, I have a new canister filter, a bio sponge, a huge peice of driftwood, and I feed them a mix of brine shrimp, blood worms, and flakes. I have bottom eaters that clean up the...
  17. AeonMapa

    Ebjd Journey!

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on here, and I hope to get a lot of support from you my fellow fishkeepers, and hope to be able to help you out as well   I just purchased a baby EBJD about a week ago. He's only 1" in length. Now I know that its recommended to get this particular fish a bit...
  18. S

    Is Anything Wrong With This Fish?

    I have a tiger barb that is starting to take the form of a previous large tiger barb that ended up dying. We did not know the cause. It almost looks like the fish is pregnant. Does anyone know what it could be or do tiger barbs naturally take this form? Please follow this link. My pic will not...
  19. jessithebuckeye

    Is My Molly About To Give Birth Again Or Is She Sick?

    Hello!   As some of you know, I bought a Gold Dust (Petco called it "Golden Panda" but oookay) Molly and named him Buzz. Turns out Buzz was a girl and was VERY pregnant and gave birth to 14 healthy baby fry on August 1st. =]   I only had a 2.5 gallon tank at the time, and quickly rushed out and...
  20. S

    Betta Mistreated, I've Taken It In. Attempting Rehab. Help?

    Hi all, My partner brought me home a Betta from work, because the person who was 'taking care' of him has left for a different job. He came to me sitting in his own poo, in a stout vase holding MAYBE 4L.. Plastic plant, rocks at the bottom. That's it. D: Apparently they weren't doing water...