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  1. E

    55 Gallon - How's my stocking?

    Hi guys, wanted to know peoples opinions on my stocking level, as I think I have some issues regarding my rainbows... 6 x Melanotaenia praecox (2M/4F) 3 x Melanotaenia lucastris (3M - though aggression is minimal) 1 x Melanotaenia boesmani (1F - Hybrid - thought to be a lacustris when bought...
  2. Sege

    Any More Fish for a 10 Gallon?

    Hi :) I'm new to the aquarium hobby and I recently refurbished a 10 gallon tank that I bought at a garage sale, (no leaks, thankfully :yahoo:) I have researched a lot of different fish, and I came across AqAdvisor, I tried it out, and people are right that website really helps with stocking...
  3. cooledwhip

    Stock My 20 Gallon/ideas For My 20 Gallon!

    hey everyone. A friend of mine had a 20 gallon tank with a pretty old tetra HOB filter, a old, (AND RECALLED XD) topfin HT150 heater, as well as 5 Pipidae frogs that he raised from tadpoles from those infomercials on TV. pretty funny actually, considering the largest is about a foot long...
  4. driger8642

    Max # Of Fishes For 20 Gallon?

    Planing to get a 20 gallon for my nephew's room, was wondering what is the max number of fishes I can put in it. What I mean by that is, which kind of fishes I can put in there without overcrowding it. Already plan on putting 4 corys in there, no angelfish since I know they need their space, any...
  5. starlitsunrise

    5 Gallon Stocking - Would This Be Alright?

    Hey guys,    I have a 5 gallon tank that I am currently cycling. It is heated to 78F, has a homemade sponge and ceramic media filter, is going to be moderately planted and has a lid and a small LED light. I was wondering if the following would be alright?   Stocking I want: -2 Ghost Shrimp -1...
  6. starlitsunrise

    5 Gallon Shrimp And Snail Tank

    Hey everyone,    On Wednesday I bought the Tetra Complete LED Aquarium 5. It came with a 5 gallon tank, hood, small led light, tetra whisper micro filter and some free samples of various tetra products. Plant wise, it currently has a small amount of java moss and two baby java ferns from my 10...
  7. Dandx13

    Removing Driftwood/decor From Established Tank

    I have a 10 gallon tank with some driftwood and anubias attached to it, would it be alright if i took it out and added it to new tank because my fish keeps biting the leaves off. I was curious if it would create a mini cycle in the tank.
  8. mrstwalker

    55Gal Heater Or Heaters - Help!

    Would it be better to buy 2 smaller heaters for a 55 gallon tank for each end of the tank or would 1 300watt for up to 75 gallons heat the tank evenly?? Thanks!!!
  9. Kabernick30

    Biggest Fish For A 26 Gallon?

    Im looking for a big/midsized fish for my 26 gallon its cycled and only has 3 fish in it Any suggestions?
  10. Kabernick30

    Looking For A Centerpiece Fish

    Ihave a 26 gallon (24x14x20) community aquarium with a pleco and 4 danios. What would be the best centerpiece fish, iam currently thinking of either a.. -honey gourami -angelfish -opaline gourami What is your centerpiece/favourite fish in your tank and what would you recommend?
  11. D34DLY

    Stocking A 59 Us Gallon Freshwater Aquarium

    Hey Guys,   So I'm not new to the scene of fish keeping, but this is by far the largest design I've done. So due to a lack of knowledge in fish species, I need some help with what to choose!   I currently have a tank which is: 222 litres (58.6 US Gallons) It's filter is the: Tetratec EX1200...
  12. Valiant

    Betta For A 10 Gallon?

    I am thinking about getting a male betta fish for my ten gallon fish tank and I have some questions. It is not fully cycled yet but almost, I will probably get him 2 or 3 weeks from now and I know that I can only get one because they are highly territorial.     Is a ten gallon suitable for just...
  13. S

    Fish Ideas

    Up at college I only have time to maintain my 10 gallon tank.    I'm interested on ideas you have.   I want to do a black theme (black gravel, black fish) and than have a school of neons, I thought that might be an interesting idea.    Ideas for fish or anything would be great.    thanks.  ...
  14. Valiant

    Best Filter For A Ten Gallon

    I want to upgrade to a quiet filter that is better than my Top Fin 10 that came with my tank, any ideas?
  15. Valiant

    20 Gallon Tips And Stocking

    I made another forum like this but with a 30 gallon but now i'm kinda thinking about a 20 gallon tank, so any ideas about what fish to put in it and I want it to be a community tank, also do you guys have any tips on maintaining your fish tank and do you know what are the recommended filters...
  16. Valiant

    30 Gallon Tips And Stocking

    I was thinking of upgrading to a 30 gallon tank and I need help deciding on what fish to put in the tank and I want it to be a tropical community tank sort of.     Also do you guys have any tips on maintaining it or what are the recommended filters, heaters, ect.   btw, the substrate is most...
  17. T

    Can A Tiger Oscar Go In A 20 Gallon Tank?

    I have a 20 gallon tank and really want an oscar. I found them at Petsmart and they are actually not that big to start with. Would it be okay temporarily until i upgrade within the next year?
  18. LicianDragon

    Not Sure Where To Go From Here

    Sorry for the giant image and bad quality, all I have is the camera on my phone. So this is a 20 gallon planted community tank. I would love for this to look nicer or something but I don't know where to go from here. I'd like to leave the taller plants to the side to allow light to reach the...
  19. X

    30 Gallon Gourami's

    Hello, I'm a beginner aquarist starting up a 30 Gallon planted tank and am planning in putting a variety of Gourami's in it. My question lies in, which Gourami's are compatible together? and which of those can live in a 30 gallon tank? It may be important to add, I plan on keeping the tank...
  20. V

    New 10 Gallon Tank

    Hello,      I had my betta fish in a 1 gallon tank for the past 2 months so I felt bad and bought a ten gallon tank for him. I was wondering what other fish could be put inside the ten gallon tank with my male betta fish. It has a filter and everything and heater. I am starting to cycle my tank...