Stock My 20 Gallon/ideas For My 20 Gallon!

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Feb 7, 2016
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hey everyone. A friend of mine had a 20 gallon tank with a pretty old tetra HOB filter, a old, (AND RECALLED XD) topfin HT150 heater, as well as 5 Pipidae frogs that he raised from tadpoles from those infomercials on TV. pretty funny actually, considering the largest is about a foot long... Anyway. I got them out of the 20 gallon, and I went to the home improvement store and bought a 30 gallon tub. I put them in the tub, figured it was cheaper than spending money on a tank as it will just be cloudy anyway as these guys are legit HOGS. 
Anyway, I wanted to know what I should put in the 20 gallon. I actually have a "species list" of species I eventually want to keep sometime. Here are the ones I was considering: German Blue Ram/gold ram, cory cat, cherry barb, dwarf rasboras. I really only want to keep a single species in this tank, as well as some simple to grow plants like swords, etc.
I don't know if the heater is a collectors item or anything lol. If I called them or something would they send me a replacement heater? Thanks

I'm free for lots of other suggestions for stocking this tank btw.
To save anybody else having to ask or look, Can you please tell us about your water parameters?
It's not even filled up with water yet. I don't have any hardware or anything, just the tank. Ammonia will be around 0, nitrate/nitrite at 0. I live in a suburb of chicago. Here is my exact town water report last year:
I know it doesn't say pH but I think it would be safe to say that it is 7-8 pH. I know thats a fairly large gap, sorry. I wanted to do GBR's and some rummynose tetras

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