1. K

    Looking for a new tank

    i currently have a 15g fish tank, but my corydoras had babies a few months ago and have outgrown the breeder box that they are in. I have about 10 new corys and am looking for a new tank. I want something longer rather than taller and something around 20-30 gallons maybe 40 but can’t find...
  2. cooledwhip

    Stock My 20 Gallon/ideas For My 20 Gallon!

    hey everyone. A friend of mine had a 20 gallon tank with a pretty old tetra HOB filter, a old, (AND RECALLED XD) topfin HT150 heater, as well as 5 Pipidae frogs that he raised from tadpoles from those infomercials on TV. pretty funny actually, considering the largest is about a foot long...
  3. squidsagirl420

    Lighting In 20Gal Planted Tank

    Hello, had a question about the lighting in my tank, and i have gotten a lot of helpful info here!   Ok, so i have too much lighting for my 18-20gallon cube tank... it was previously salt water (many years ago) and it had a nice hood that goes with it. I replaced one bulb for a 6500k...
  4. A

    Beginner Looking To Start Using Live Plants

    Hello everyone. I am new to this site and recently started getting more involved in things relating to my fish tank. I have so many questions about different things but i'll just start with some.   Just to give you guys a little bit of info, I have a 20 gallon established aquarium that I have...