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  1. cooledwhip

    Stock My 20 Gallon/ideas For My 20 Gallon!

    hey everyone. A friend of mine had a 20 gallon tank with a pretty old tetra HOB filter, a old, (AND RECALLED XD) topfin HT150 heater, as well as 5 Pipidae frogs that he raised from tadpoles from those infomercials on TV. pretty funny actually, considering the largest is about a foot long...
  2. cooledwhip

    20 Gallon Long Aquascape.. I Kinda Messed Up And It Looks Ugly

    Hey everyone. So I recently got a 20 gallon long and want to turn it into a planted tank/aquascape. I love aquascapes, they look so beautiful but I tried to set up my tank and it just looks ugly REALLY ugly. The two pieces of drift wood I got are ugly and I just don't like them at all. I also...
  3. driger8642

    Max # Of Fishes For 20 Gallon?

    Planing to get a 20 gallon for my nephew's room, was wondering what is the max number of fishes I can put in it. What I mean by that is, which kind of fishes I can put in there without overcrowding it. Already plan on putting 4 corys in there, no angelfish since I know they need their space, any...
  4. E

    Dwarf Puffer Help

    i have a 20 gallon fresh water tank and i have quite a few guppies, four corys, an albino pleco, two black mollies, a balloon molly, a platinum lyre-tail molly and her fry, and some cherry shrimp. i just added a dwarf puffer a couple of days ago and i have no had any problems or aggression from...
  5. Kabernick30

    Biggest Fish For A 26 Gallon?

    Im looking for a big/midsized fish for my 26 gallon its cycled and only has 3 fish in it Any suggestions?
  6. Valiant

    20 Gallon Tips And Stocking

    I made another forum like this but with a 30 gallon but now i'm kinda thinking about a 20 gallon tank, so any ideas about what fish to put in it and I want it to be a community tank, also do you guys have any tips on maintaining your fish tank and do you know what are the recommended filters...
  7. T

    Can A Tiger Oscar Go In A 20 Gallon Tank?

    I have a 20 gallon tank and really want an oscar. I found them at Petsmart and they are actually not that big to start with. Would it be okay temporarily until i upgrade within the next year?
  8. jwalser18

    My Tanks

    So,   I've been in the hobby ~5 months, and was a long time viewer of this forum and finally decided to join not to long ago. I currently have 3 tanks running and 4 sitting in my spare bedroom until I figure out what I want to do with them   So, I'll run though all the tanks I have!       55...
  9. LicianDragon

    Not Sure Where To Go From Here

    Sorry for the giant image and bad quality, all I have is the camera on my phone. So this is a 20 gallon planted community tank. I would love for this to look nicer or something but I don't know where to go from here. I'd like to leave the taller plants to the side to allow light to reach the...