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  1. Danby

    CAE Problem

    Hi, I bought two What I was told was two common Plecos, as I’m quite new to fish I didn’t question it, I’ve had them for about a year with 4 goldfish and two Apple snails, I’ve only just recently discovered as I tried to identify the breed of pleco, that they are infact Chinese Algae eaters...
  2. alvintayyw

    Stocking ideas

    Hey guys, this is my 29 gallon tank. Tank has been cycled and the parameters, pH is 7.2 and GH is 80-100 which is soft. What do you think i should have this stocked with? i would like a community tank, things i really want in it are a nice clean up crew...I don't plan on putting plants because...
  3. W

    Semi Aggressive Stocking HELP

    Hello I have a 37 gallon freshwater tank ready to stock. My water is slightly soft and the tank dimensions are 30"L x 22-1/2"H x 12"W. My tank would be semi aggressive and I know I want... -7 Tiger barbs -3 of some kind of loach I would like a main attraction, very colorful and bigger. And I...
  4. Tyler_Fishman

    Hardest to keep

    what is the hardest fish to keep in your experience? From my understanding the hardest SW fish to keep are Moorish Idols and Copper band butterflies and of freshwater the hardest fish to keep is the discus. And the hardest freshwater plant to keep is probably HC baby tears
  5. Waterfins

    Pesky Predators

    I've been having this problem for a while with predators waltzing into my pond and snatching up my fish, it's honestly heartbreaking to wake up the next morning with dead fish corpses covered in flies on your lawn. I usually get ransacked by racoons, neighbourhood cats, foxes and even a freaking...
  6. B

    Two Fish Addicts

    My husband, myself and I are fish addicts. We have 20 aquariums and four indoor ponds. I started off keeping goldfish and koifish in my indoor ponds. My husband started of keeping swordtails, guppies, platys, endlers, gold dust and sailfins in freshwater tanks. We now have black water tanks...
  7. P

    Mysterious Fish Deaths! Can Anyone Help?

    ok well just suddenly my threadfin rainbow died, the day before he seemed perfectly healthy but i just got him 2 days ago from the lfs so maybe something was already wrong with him but either way i couldn't see anything wrong with him but the next day (today) i just noticed my spotted cory was...
  8. P

    55 Gallon Maintenance!?!?

    i'm so excited and so happy that for years i've been dreaming of getting a 55g and finally got one and it's beautiful and i couldn't be happier, i currently have 4 rainbow fish, 5 cory cats (different kinds), 1 golden wonder killi, 6 platys, and 6 lyre tail mollies, and 3 gorami's (1 dwarf flame...
  9. A

    55L Freshwater Tank In Guangzhou

    Hi! I'm putting together a tank and will post little bits and pieces about it here. I'm not aiming to raise anything super special, but the location is different, so there might be one or two details of interest for curious people.   The attached photo is from the Guangzhou fish market at...
  10. P

    My 50 Gal Hex Before Hurricane Sandy

    Hello E/everyone. This was My 50 gallon Hex "prior" to hurricane Sandy hitting the East coast. I'm in Eastern PA and we lost power here for a week. It got cold (including the tank) 59 degrees at its coldest before I was able to aim a propane space heater at the tank, warming it back up to...