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  1. Sovereignty

    Best place to put Co2 Diffuser/Drop Checker

    Good morning all. I'll start off by saying I am new to Co2, but I have done research on it, however; I'm facing some... maybe not issues... but... ones that potentially can CAUSE issues down the road if I can't get this figured out? I bought a Co2 system from my LFS for this tank, its an...
  2. V

    More filtration needed?

    When my fish would die in the past, I would always find them in the filter intake. Now I haven't had this problem but I'm afraid my fish don't have enough oxygen. Because it's a 10-gallon filter in a 20-gallon tank. I can't replace the filter because that's where most BB is stored. I'm thinking...
  3. Linkandnavi

    Positioning of Circulation Pumps for Planted Tank

    My new 193 US gallon tank is arriving next week. It'll be heavily planted and co2 injected, running a Fluval FX6. I've had problems in a previous 120 gallon with dead spots, particularly at the bottom of the tank and so will be using a couple of small circulation pumps to move water across the...
  4. C

    Filter Question

    Hi, I have a 105L tank, long. The filter on it is a 1000EF all pond solutions one that, according to the website has a flow rate of 1000 litres per hour. I was just wondering if this is too strong? The flow coming out of it is pretty hefty but it has been running for a good couple of months...
  5. S

    Ehiem Classic 250

    I have a 58 a litre tank and currently have a Fluval u2 but am upgrading to a ehiem classic 250 as the water quality was poor and had caused illness I am just wondering will the flow be to strong and if so is there a way I can limit it?
  6. S

    Ehiem classic

    I have a 58 a litre tank and currently have a Fluval u2 but am upgrading to a ehiem classic 250 as the water quality was poor and had caused illness I am just wondering will the flow be to strong and if so is there a way I can limit it?
  7. G

    Debris in the water

    Hi, I've had trouble with floating debris in the water since day 1 many years ago. I even got a new filter, an Eheim Classic 2260, which is more than enough for my 540l/120gallon. I've tried fixing the flow in the aquarium, putting in wavemakers and putting in a ton of filter watt. Someone...
  8. Sege

    Quiet Filter Possibly?

    Hi. :DSo I just got a new filter, and I set it up and everything. It runs just how it's supposed to. I just want to make it quieter. I have my tank under my loft bed, and so I sleep right on top of the noise. It's not really the grumbling sounds that the filter makes as the mechanics run to pump...
  9. L

    Q's on Ferts, flow and making a new hood

    Hi As I mentioned in my previous thread, I'm about to strip my my tank and start again going high tech with a good substrate, co2 and new LED lighting. I've been buying everything I need but still need to buy a list of things and some of them I'm still researching. I wonder if anyone could...
  10. D

    Worried About My Betta

    HI there,   I currently have a 22l aqua nano tank and I bought a Betta fish yesterday. I brought him home everything seemed great but this morning I woke up to find find that he keeps going to the grills where the water goes out to get to the filter and the carbon etc.. is this normal?    He...
  11. G

    New Again

    Hi all, While i've been in aquaria for maybe 20 years I've recently downsized from a 150 FOWLR to a 90. It's been years since i've set a tank up but this one is 90 drilled with Sump with dual bags, Eshopps PSK200, Mag 12 down below. In the tank is a 2" live sand bed, about 40 lbs base rock...
  12. David J

    A Few Issues - Co2, Ferts, Flow & Algae

    Hi I have a few issues and questions about my set up. My tank has been running for 2 years. Up until now it has not had Co2. It has always had live plants (swords, crypts, cabomba, anubias) and has bogwood and a few rocks with part sand part gravel substrate. Up until now I've been dosing...
  13. nortonmad213

    Filter Flow For Female Bettas

    hi, so this weekend my breeder has got 30 bettas for me :D i know with male bettas the less flow the better does this stand true for females as they generally have much smaller fins. my filter atm is aimed at the surface for agitation. there are plenty of lulls in the tank for them to chill if...
  14. D34DLY

    Suggestions On Water Flow In Tall Aquarium

    Hi,.   So let me begin by apologising if this is in the wrong section. I wasn't too sure, but presumed this to be quite a basic question (shame I've ran out of ideas!) so placed it here.   Anyway, I have a custom made aquarium, at 60cm tall, 54cm deep and 76cm long, this one is quite unique.  ...
  15. Garbolino

    Eheim Filter / Tank Size

    Hi Paul, the flow would depend on what fish you are going to stock, some like it fast moving while some like a gentle flow My inlet is about 2inches from the bottom of my tank & my out let is at the opposite end of the tank approx an inch below the surface
  16. SLIM

    Pressurized Co2, Equipment, Flow And Fertilization

    PLEASE NOTE: This thread was started in 2013. The links to eBay no longer exist and there are links to other websites which no longer exists. It may be possible to find the links using Wayback Machine https://archive.org/web/web.php Pressurized CO2, Equipment, Flow and Fertilization First...
  17. A

    Get In The Flow!

    Hello all.   I recently got into a discussion with some one on here that has really got me thinking about water movement and filter/powerhead, direction, speed, angles, diverting flow etc. I know every set up will require different flow rates and head angles to suit the species and tank size but...
  18. Zikofski

    Glass Lily Pipes And Flow Advice Needed

    okay a couple of questions, i plan to do a smaller tank for when i go to Australia, planning a 30"x12"x15" 88L (23 Gal) now first thing is first flow seeming i am going for a heavily planted tank with co2 injection, from what i have learnt over the past few weeks/months i need good flow around...