1. V

    What could be wrong with my betta?

    I’ve noticed this thing attached to his fin. (Sorry for the quality) I’ve also noticed some poop hanging out so I’m not gonna feed him today, but I’m mostly concerned about whatever is attached to him. He’s also been hiding behind the filter.
  2. S

    Platy top fin frayed?

    Hey, I've noticed the top fin of one of my platies has changed in the past week or so.It looks frayed/splayed out, almost as if you've taken a few threads from a woven material if you get what I mean! I have attached a pic of anyone could help me understand the change, thanks ☺️
  3. T

    Tiny black line on Platy monopodium

    Hi! I have noticed a recent appearing of a tiny black line on the gonopodium of one of my male blue and black Platys (see attached photo). I have been researching all kinds of worms, pests and parasites, and have found nothing that looks like this. Is it likely just a color spot appearing as...
  4. S

    Platt has half a pectoral and damaged dorsal fin

    Strange one. Maybe. Last night I noticed my platy had half a pectoral fin and a slightly damaged dorsal fin. Last night he was hiding in a cave and today the pectoral fin has white around it but nothing on the dorsal fin. He is swimming ok and eating ok and is out of the cave. The only thing I...
  5. JackieP

    Bettas fin tear won’t heal and brown spots on fake plants

    Hello, so I have a betta fish and she has a tear on your fin and it’s been weeks and it won’t heal. I saw at the store they have API betta fix and I was wondering if I should try that. I think it’s just tea tree oil. Also, there’s brown spots all over my fake silk plants. Could it be something...
  6. B

    Betta Fin Rot :( Desperate for help

    SORRY ITS LONG BUT PLEASE HELP!! Hi guys. I’m a betta beginner here and I really really am desperate for help. About 9 months ago I got a beautiful delta tail betta who was blue and red named, Itachi. Over the past few months Itachi’s fins became raggedy. I figured it was from being in a small...
  7. L

    Please help, my betta looks terrible!

    Hi all, and thanks in advance for reading! My betta fish has recently started looking real scruffy, and occasionally looks red in the fins and head. I've attached pictures of him about 2 months ago, and a picture of him today so you can see the difference. He's still happily eating and doesn't...
  8. S

    SICK platy fish - please help identify the sickness!

    Hello, Can anyone recognise which sickness is hurting my platy tank? I have an idea, but I am not sure. Basically out of the blue (no new fish added, no change in diet, but doing weekly water changes), quite a few of my platies started having light patches on their bodies -at first i thought it...
  9. S

    Fish cut in half but seems fine??

    Hi all! I have a group of baby honduran red points that are growing up. Earlier this month the smallest of them showed a lot of damage to her tail, it was basically gone, so I removed her from her siblings into my least aggressive tank. Never saw her again and I believe she died and was eaten...
  10. fishperson100

    Treating Fin Rot

    Hi! I've got a bronze corydoras catfish that has fin rot on the dorsal fin. I am way over due for a water change, so I just did a small one now, and plan to do one in the morning. In the tank is another bronze cory and a goldfish. I am unable to give the water parameters because I do not...
  11. B

    PLEASE HELP! My fish is sick.

    I have two betta fish males. One in my room, the other in my office room. I've had the one in the office room for about 6 months. He came in from a family that wasnt able to care for him anymore. His water was pretty dirty and looked poorly taken care of so I bought him to give him a better...
  12. A

    Is my molly pregnant?

    I have two black mollies and one seems have bigger stomach. Not sure whether it's pregnant or over fed. It has white spot on the stomach but swims as fast as the other one. It also has a fin just above the anus and two small fins on the sides. I am not even sure whether it's a female. Should I...
  13. N

    Something Going On With Betta

    My betta has a single white spot that looks like almost a white head. There are no other spots and it's not fuzzy. Any suggestions as to what it is? Attached a picture.
  14. R

    Help, Fish Has Fin Rot Disease

    few days back i noticed white spots on my red oranda goldfish.  my LFS told me to use thermostat.  i did the same and that fish died.  after that i noticed the same on my red tail shark.  i guess it's suffering from fin rot disease.  i am also putting a picture of the shark.  i dont know how to...
  15. U

    Beta Splenden Mystery (Fin Rot Or ?)

    After much confusion over several attempts to introduce my female beta, Petunia, into larger quarters than her usual home (.5gal tank on my desk) I have finally come to a forum to BEG. And I mean it, BEG for any answers. Petunia is a female splenden. A beautiful fish. A happy, healthy...
  16. S

    Fin Nipped Tetra And Nippy Guppy

    So last night I spent hours moving my fish and setting up a new 75l (20gal) aquarium which was an upgrade of a 34l (<10gal) one. One of my Serpae tetras has been severely fin nipped and has difficulty swimming around. I was wondering if I was able to put just that one tetra into a small qt tank...
  17. K

    Cichlid Not Swimming Properly

    Hi I recently added a pair of Keyhole cichlids in my 180L tank with Angel, Gourami & blue rams. And just after 2 days, yesterday I noticed one of the cichlid isn't swimming properly, infact having difficulty in swimming. Rest of the fishes seem fine, I test water every week and do regular water...
  18. D

    Feather Fin Catfish (Upsidedown Catfish)

    Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: bought a large fish tank which came with a load of fish! not really a fish i wanted to keep in my aquarium. Size: Approx 6inch Delivery or Collection: collection only Sales price: £10 Willing to Ship (Yes or No): no Postage & Packaging Price: N/A Location...
  19. Bm05891

    Help! New White H/m Fin Rot Or Tail Chewing? With Pics!

    Hello all this is my first time posting so thank you in advance for any help or advice! Just picked up my beautiful white halfmoon boy from quaranteen. He has been in his tank for a day now, and I've noticed on part of his tail getting Raggy. The tips of it has almost turn clear and now appear...
  20. K

    Betta Fin Rot

    Hi I have a betta that I bought a couple of weeks ago that I think has fin rot affecting only his tail. I did a complete water change, got him so plants to hide in (to reduce his stress), and started treating him 3 days ago with Bettafix. I think that it is getting worse. He lives in a 4 gallon...