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  1. PygmyMitch

    Neon Tetras Fighting

    Yesterday I noticed my 2 neon tetras having a bit of scrap. Today I noticed one of them with a damaged fin. Is this normal behaviour ? Or could this be down to the fact that there is only 2 of them ? I did start with 10, about 2 years ago. but sadly lost 8 of them over time. Also i have...
  2. M

    Betta and African dwarf fish

    I’m a newbie so I’m sorry In advance. I recently got a tank with many fish that get along and 2 African dwarf frogs. I also have 2 bettas together and they seemed to be getting along fine the first week. This morning I found one betta all roughed up and the other following him with his gills...
  3. L

    Electric blue rams acting weird!

    I’ve had these 2 Electric blue rams for just under a month and they are swimming closely together in a weird pattern, head butting each other and squaring up. I asked for a pair but I'm guessing they are both males. Can someone try and gender these and explain what they are doing. Thankyou
  4. Ellie Potts

    What are my siamese algae eaters doing?? (Video attached)

    In my 55 gallon aquarium I have 2 siamese algae eaters (I now know I need more, but the store I bought them from said it'd be fine to start with 2; I'm currently stuck searching for a few more in the middle of winter with no local fish store or aquarium club). The 2 I do have, however, have been...
  5. Ellie Potts

    Are my fish fighting or flirting HELP

    I recently got 2 Siamese algae eaters. I'm almost positive they're the real thing (if not I drove an hour for nothing), but today I noticed them doing a weird dance/fighting thing. This is not my video but I found it on Youtube and it is exactly what my fish are doing. Video They don't breed...
  6. D

    Guppy attacking platy

    Can anyone help, why is my guppy attacking my Platy? The tails has bite marks out of it.
  7. Guyb93

    Girly fights

    Looks like my two female electric blue acara have had an argument .... again the smaller one in the photo is the more aggressive and claims boss but her rival is getting big they normally square off for a while then nip at each other but today they are lip licking bad I tried to split them with...
  8. F

    Guppy fighting gonopodium disappeared

    A fully cycled planted 100L tank with: 50+ cherry shrimp 1 betta 8 male guppies (I have way too many guppies as the first four female guppies I got actually had a male (in the tank at store) so from that I’ve now got too many guppies to count so when I could tell the males I’ve put them in a...
  9. X

    Are my catfish fighting or playing??

    Hey guys, im pretty new to the hobby and I have a question about two of my catfish, one is a spotted Raphael catfish and one is a stripped. They live in a 10 gallon with 6 other guppies, i had them for about a month and plan on upgrading tanks in less than 2 weeks. I noticed when i turn off the...
  10. J

    New owner via inheritance.....and the giant gourami and Veil tail oscar aren't happy about it!

    Hi everyone. First post for me and its a plea for advice! I've just saved a few fish from fish heaven after a friend moved and could no longer have them. Part of the bunch are a giant gourami and a VeIl tailed oscar. They have both been living in a 245 litre tank for the last 18 months, happily...
  11. L

    Kribensis help!!

    Hi all, I bought 3 x Kribensis for a 240L (2F x 1M) quite some time ago. Obviously weren't sexed correctly at my LFS; I have 3 males. Which had been fine for the best part of a year until I re-scaped the tank a few days ago. The middle sized one is full coloured and attacking the larger more...
  12. V

    Shrimp fighting? meeting? whats happening?

    Hi. so i have had a Bamboo shrimp for a while now and thought to get it a companion. Yesterday i bought an Arnoured shrimp ( the worker told me theyre the same just as different name - alright then). They were fine all night and all day today, hiding in their decor. However while doing a 25%...
  13. Vengified

    Guppies, unsure of behavior and sex?

    I'll put a little background first, as I am sure it would be asked: Recently, on Valentine' Day, my wife and I bought two Guppies (labeled as Cobra Guppies in the store), and a cherry shrimp for a small 3.5 gallon tank for my 4 year old, to see if he would like fish. We had the tank hidden...
  14. L

    Help! My fish are fighting

    I’ve had a ten gallon tank with one Blue Gourami for awhile now. I bought 2 neon tetras two weeks ago and just introduced them about a few days ago. I noticed that the Blue Gourami has been chasing them and harassing them. I thought it would stop if I re-arranged the tank and gave them a bit to...
  15. scotty027

    Electric Blue Ram help! Fighting or pairing?

    Hello,ive recently picked up a pair Electric Blue Rams. I asked for male and female, but i dont think he knew what he was doing, and im having a really hard time telling as well. Anyway, since day one they have been doing this little dance 2 or 3 times a day where they circle around each other...
  16. dopey696

    Breeding, Fighting Angelfish

    Hello peoples. I have four black and white striped angelfish, they were great fish together until they broke apart into two breeding pairs, each pair lays eggs about every two weeks and they're always fighting. The fighting isn't cool so unfortunately I have to get rid of one pair. My LFS will...
  17. Guppy_molly_love

    Goldfish And Gupiies/mollies...risk?

    Most of my goldfish died, leaving two. My family wanted to buy some guppies and mollies because they breed a lot and we like it but my dad wanted koi fish, because he was afraid that the guppy fries would get eaten by the goldfish. Please reply:  Should we buy guppies...
  18. cooledwhip

    Female Betta Tank?

    Hey everyone. A few years ago I was really into bettas and had 2 really nice bettas I ordered on aquabid. They were really pretty and not the petsmart muts. (no offense ;)   Anyway, they died off a little while ago and for about a couple months I never had fish. I recently got back into it, I...
  19. G

    Oscar Breeding Questions

    hi I have a few questions. how old approximately are the small and medium oscar fish sold at petsmart/ 1.5-2.5 in". I have 2 Oscar fish in a 55 gallon tank. I plan on upgrading to 150gal soon. they are both 5.75"-6"in. they are liplocking, circling each other,gill flaring, and generally acting...
  20. mrstwalker

    Urgent! Betta/platy

    Hi all,    Let me sort of start from the beginning. Around 6-7 months ago, my gorgeous blood red male crowntail betta (Mistletoe - got him as a christmas gift) passed away. He was a BIG boy, but had such a gentle nature to him. He was housed with a few platys (of all colors and variety) and 3...