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  1. A

    Always loved keeping fish, but new to the hobby :)

    Hi all, I've had fish friends for many, many years, but mostly just one betta at a time in a 5 gallon tank. a couple years ago I starting keeping a small groups of neon tetras which went well, but I re-homed them when we had a major move last year. I getting really interested in the hobby but...
  2. M

    Females acting funny?

    Hi! I’ve had 6 female bettas for around 4 months. They where fine but unfortunately 3 have died ( old age for one and swim bladder for the others 2) I know have 3 left, however 2 are displaying mating kind of tendencies? Is this normal? I noticed yesterday a bible next sort of thing forming...
  3. Dopatri

    HELP! My Betta is close to death!

    UPDATE: Unfortunately my fish passed away shortly after posting this. I did however take some gorgeous shots of her scales. I’m absolutely in awe of the photos. They look majestic, at least I can remember her by looking at these photos. I want to share them with you. My female Betta isn’t...
  4. FloridaChick

    Novice question. Don't judge me ?

    I am in love with Dumbo Bettas and I am wondering if the dark looking pouch means I am overfeeding the off-white babies I recently bought. Also, I just started feeding them frozen food in the morning.
  5. carligraceee

    Decided to get Kevin a friend and need help!!

    hey guys! i recently bought a pink orchid male and put him in a ~7g tank! he was happy but i noticed him start to get lonely and decided to get him a friend. i learned males can usually live well with females, especially well if i got a seperater. all i had was a breeding tank so i put my new...
  6. C

    Fish Story

    So this is just a little story that might help some other new betta owners. So I have a betta sorority that has three beautiful baby girl’s. They are acting and look healthy, so I was surprised when I found my red crowntail, Judas, sitting in one spot and not moving. I moved my hand towards...
  7. Ellie Potts

    Reputable breeders?

    I'm looking into starting a betta sorority in a 55 gallon with 13 girls and some dither fish. I have a backup 20 gallon and 5 gallons in the case that there is fighting. To minimize this chance, I'd like at least some of the girls to be sisters or to have been raised around other bettas. Does...
  8. SRbettas

    How many betta pellets to feed betta?

    How many aquaeon betta pellets should I feed my betta if I feed once a day? I'm currently feeding 3 a day is this enough?
  9. I

    Tank update!

    Unlike most of my other threads that just ask questions in a panic, this one is just me sharing exciting and sad things. In the past week I've had two mollies die. My black one who I assumed has brain damage due to a recent incident, this one I knew was coming she was not eating and lost weight...
  10. Woody781

    What is wrong with my female betta?

    What is wrong with my female betta? I have been doing weekly water changes and have stopped feeding the tank for a few days even though there are other bettas in the tank but she still seems bloated. Seems to be swimming around fine but yeah!! I just took her out and put her in a little bowl...
  11. N

    What's wrong with my betta?

    My female betta is currently in my quarantine tank and has developed a new split in her upper lip as of today, which you can see at 0:06 in the video I've attached. I don't understand what's causing these splits because the split runs deep enough in one part to see red. She is still being...
  12. StephanieHinsley


    So I currently have only one fish in a 25-30 gallon tank of brackish water. He's a silver Molly with black spots named Rorik, and ever since his mom died, he's been alone. As a social fish, I worry about him, so I've been thinking about getting him a few tank mates. I'm trying to be careful, one...
  13. LyraGuppi

    Lapis's Solo 5Gal

    Hi fishkeepers! I'm on a mobile device right now, do excuse me if I have autocorrect moments. :D I have a sorority betta, Lapis, that is getting some bullying. She's going into the solo life in her own 5gal. I know, 5gal are a bit small, but she is a juvenile. Not baby, just young adult. I...
  14. LyraGuppi

    Poor Little Lapis D:

    One of my sorority girls, Lapis, is not in the best shape. :/ She's the smallest and I believe youngest out of the bunch (She's probably a juvi), and on top of all that the most recent. She's a inch long, with mustard gas coloration.   She isn't lethargic, she eats well, and isn't fin rotting...
  15. FurFinFeathers

    Minimum Size For A Sorority?

    I was wondering the minimum tank size for a sorority and good tank mates? Thanks :)
  16. FurFinFeathers

    Female Betta In A Community Tank?

    Just curious, how would a female betta do in a community tank? Are their certain fish that would cause problems? Thanks.
  17. LyraGuppi

    Going To Attempt A Sorority!

    I have researched bettas and sorority tanks and I think I may attempt one. I have had experience with fish; I'm probably a Beginner- Intermediate. I was thinking of a 25 or 30 gallon tank housing about 9 females. Would this setup be okay? Also, I can't decide what plants to use! I have a few in...
  18. B

    Wild Betta?

    I want to do a betta female tank. I have a thirty gallon tank and I am going to plant it make rock caves. What is the difference between splendens and wild bettas? Obviously the wild are well... Wild. but what is a splenden? Also what is a good way basically "glue" rocks together?
  19. B

    More Than One Female Betta

    Hi! So I have a thirty gallon tank, I want to put lots of live plants and good rock, caves and whatnot in there soon. I have a few breeds of tetra, and might have some guppy fry in there. I was wondering if would eventually be able to put a few betta females in there. Would that work?
  20. B

    Brought My First Female Betta Today:)

    Hello!!   I'm very excited and wanted to share with you all, that I purchased my first female Betta today. She is very small. I brought her from a pet shop. She was in a nice tank with a few other females (unlike the males, in small bowls fins torn and very unhealthy), I watched them for a...