cardinal tetra

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  1. ella777

    Lump on cardinal tetra?

    One of my cardinal tetras has a small yellowish lump on the side of it. His colour is great and hes swimming around normally with the others. It doesnt look like ich, maybe a tumour? None of the other fish have it. Hes about 4 years old and 1.5 inches. I cant seem to take a picture of him...
  2. M

    Sick cardinal tetra?

    Hey! I’ve just come to my fish tank to see one of my smaller cardinals are looking a little pale! It’s also swimming ever so slightly funny to the rest, more jerky and like it’s struggling to stay level (not floating or sinking like swim ladder) It’s active and has eaten some food this morning...
  3. Linkandnavi

    My current six tank setups

    Hi guys, Haven't done this before but thought I'd post my current tank setups. Apologies for the quality of photos/reflections. Taken just before dawn, room lights off, blinds closed and tank lights on and still have reflections... :rolleyes: Anyhow! Tank #1: Angelfish community in my...
  4. G

    Bloating and Large Cyst on Tetra

    Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate <10 pH 7.3 gH 200 ppm Chlorine 0 29gal, moderately planted, gravel bottom with 15 cardinal tetras, multiple cherry shrimp, a clown pleco and two honey gourami. I do a 25% water change every week, water temp is 76F. The past month I have lost three fish, one gourami...
  5. M

    Free cardinal, rummy nose tetras + plants due to country move

    Hi all, I live in central/north London and have a planted 180L tank with various freshwater fish, all bought around 6-12 month ago. Due to moving country, I will not be able to take the fish or plants with me unfortunately, so I'm looking for a new home for them. Ideally, you would be...
  6. G

    Mystery of the Dying Tetras

    Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate <10 pH 7.3 gH 200 ppm Chlorine 0 Tanks - 10gal, heavily planted with hornwort, java moss, and amazon swords, gravel bottom with cherry shrimp, a clown pleco and two honey gourami. I use a strip of LEDs for illumination. I have purchased 3 rounds of cardinal tetras...
  7. Circus

    Longfin Green Dragon Bristlenose Pleco

    I was at my LFS today to get a filter, and saw they had a bunch of Longfin Green Dragon Bristlenose Pecos. I REALLY want one, so I am going to rearrange my tanks tomorrow to find room for one. The tank I want to put him in is a 20 gallon high tank, it has a Quietflow 30 on it. Ph at 7.4 and my...
  8. L

    Chubby fish

    So I look at my fish often. Like every hour of the day if I can and I’ve come home this evening to find all 4 of my male guppies and maybe 5/7 cardinal tetras have quite big bellies!! All seem pretty happy and active as usual except 1 guppy is obviously trying to poop and is being quite...
  9. Dukefish

    Betta Sorority (6 Month Update) (Comments/Advice/Guidance Welcomed!)

    I last posted in August after recently doing the forum introducing you all to my first tank ever and my betta sorority: Link After some advice and research I made some changes and entered the Tank of the Month: Link It's been several months since I posted so I'd like to give you an update on...
  10. D

    Stocking Help

    Hello eveyone, i am fairly new to the hobby i have obviously done research but would like some advice! I have had a 14 gallon / 64 liter fish tank for a while and it had 5 danios and 4 corydoras, a friend of mine needed to get rid of his 125l/33G tank so i took it almost a month ago i recently...
  11. Circus


    When I got up today I did my usual checkin of all the fish, turning on lights and whatnot. In my qt tank I noticed I was missing a cardinal tetra. I found him wedged between my heater and the glass. Thinking he was dead I pried the heater away and he sank to the bottom. As I turned to get the...
  12. Circus

    New Fish

    I was out in town today and got some new fish. I got a female bn pleco for my subtropical 29 and I got 7 more cardinal tetra for my other 29 gallon. They are acclimating now for my quarantine tank.
  13. Circus

    Stocking a 29 Gallon

    Tell me what you guys think of my stock list? At the moment I have 10 pygmy corydoras and 2 rescued cardinal tetra. I plan on bringing the cardinals up to 12 or so and they cories up to 15 (more of both if you guys think it could work). When the tank is mature enough, I will be moving my 5 oto...
  14. A

    Really fat cardinal tetra

    Hi there, new to the forum. So I have 40l tank with 2 f.betta and 2 cardinal tetras and 5 black neon tetras. One of my cardinals is so so fat, he was a little big when I got him 4 months ago but seems to have ballooned ever since, but always seemed healthy, swims normal, eats normal. Last...
  15. F

    Cardinal tetra disease? Help!

    Hello, I have 5 beautiful cardinal tetras and I’ve noticed one has lost its colour and has flaky/peeling skin. I have no idea if it is a disease or any type of illness. I have guppies and Corydoras in the tank so I don’t think it’s being attacked. Could someone suggest from the pictures what it...
  16. cmhassinger

    Cardinal Tetra pregnant?

    So I have some tetras that’s I haven’t had for long and one is looking pretty fat... lol from what I see online it’s hard to tell the male and female apart so I don’t know if it’s a female. And if it is a female I also read it was hard for tetras to spawn in a normal tank?
  17. B

    What are some filters I can build alongside my undergravel filter?

    These are the images of my recently established freshwater 140 liter tank located in a dark corner in my dad's home office . In total the tank has 10 wild caught cardinal tetras and 4 corydoras duplicareus catfish and so far they have been looking healthy and active preferring to stay in...
  18. B

    How to prepare driftwood from the local lake?

    I am planning to get my first fishtank quite soon which will be a blackwater setup with 10 cardinal tetras in a 118 liter tank and possibly some mystery snails or cherry shrimp. I live in the countryside where trees and rivers are abundant and I was thinking of collecting oak driftwood from the...
  19. S

    I want more fishes

    Today, my tank looked great and the fishes were not stressed. For a week now my tank has had fishes and ammonia has Neen at0 for 2 days now. My fishes are eating good and are swimming good. Now i want to add more fishes in my tank. I have a 10 gallon with 2 guppies and 3 cardinals. I am going...
  20. S

    Unexpected death of my tetras

    Yesterday one of my tetra died and today another died. I have a 10 gallon tank with live plants(amazon sword, java fern and a plant that resembles cryptocotyne a littlebit) and driftwood. There are 5 pond snail's in it as well. Two days before I got 5 cardinal tetras and 2 guppies for my...