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  1. M


    Hey, I recently got a 39 gallon tanks, and was thinking about getting some Corydoras, and was wondering how many I should get, and what kind etc. They would be housed with roughly 15-20 guppies maybe more(I try to sell them as they breed) and need to know what kind would be happier with the...
  2. M

    Molly laying at the bottom of the tank

    I have three mollies in a 15 gallon tank and my only regular Molly started to lay on the bottom of the tank not moving just breathing. I did switch their tanks yesterday but he seemed happy and okay and now he is the only one just laying there.
  3. M

    Green tiger barbs turning black and swimming in place

    I have four tiger barbs in a 15 gallon tank and I know I should have more in a bigger tank which I tried to do by buying a tank yesterday getting told it was a 30 gallon which was just 15 but anyways I transferred them into there and they seemed to be loving it but just I just noticed that...
  4. S

    Newbie - Help me stock my 20 gallon tank! :)

    20 Gallon Tank - Size is approximately 25.75 x 14.25 x 18.62 Inches pH seems to be 7.8, alkaline.. GH seems to be 150, hard. [Colors are close.. pH could be 7.2] Looking for peaceful community fish. We are very new at this and still getting educated. If you could please provide a list of...
  5. Reaeve

    6 weeks into fishless cycle and ammonia is dropping slow

    Hi. I don't post much on here but I'm at a loss. I started cycling my first tank (37 gal, ph 8.2, KH and GH between 15 and 17, temp is around 84-85F) I've added tss+ twice once before I got a new filter (switch as much media as I could to new filter) then added another a little later. Just this...
  6. Jaymis

    Is my Honey Gourami okay?

    This past sunday I got a female (i believe she's a female, at least!) Honey Gourami from my local pet store and put her into my 10 gallon tank, which i'll put a picture of at the end of this post. Since then, i've noticed she spends a lot of time resting on the substrate at the bottom of her...
  7. S

    Good tank size for betta?

    I’m planning to get a betta fish but I’m unsure if the tank is too small. I will get a heater soon but right now I’m cycling. If it’s too small I’ll just get zebra dinos but I REALLY want a betta fish. :( any advice is welcome! P.s mini Christmas tree for scale
  8. hyrulelegend091

    How Does He Look?

    Hi everyone! If you are on fishlore.com as well, you may have already seen this post, but I always love getting a variety of opinions! Here's the story: A few months ago, my sister got three bettas. Cool, except she claims she "didn't know how to clean the tanks." I only found this out after the...
  9. Sege

    Any More Fish for a 10 Gallon?

    Hi :) I'm new to the aquarium hobby and I recently refurbished a 10 gallon tank that I bought at a garage sale, (no leaks, thankfully :yahoo:) I have researched a lot of different fish, and I came across AqAdvisor, I tried it out, and people are right that website really helps with stocking...
  10. C


    Hello, I have a cichlid that has never had aggressive issues before (I have been able to put tetras, guppies, mosquito fish, and mollies in the tank as tank-mates.) But all of the sudden today i got a few more mollies and she started trying to eat them I currently have 4 tetras in the tank with...
  11. M

    Sick Livebearer

    i have a livebearer that has become swollen and his scales are sticking up. He has been sick like this for a few days. He still comes up and eats food, but usually stays at the bottom, other than that he doesn't show any odd behavior. I shined a flashlight on him and didn't see any specs or...
  12. C

    My fish is sick or hurt!?

    i bought a silver lyretail molly and I noticed it's side fun closest to its gill is stuck straight out . He's not moving it . Is it hurt or does have an illness and if so how do I cure /fix it??
  13. emilythestrange

    Mopani Wood Still Staining Water

    my water in the tank still always looks a dark colour, the 3 pieces of mopani wood have been in there for a year now, i soaked them for 3 days before i put them in and i change 20% of water every week, the water only looks slightly lighter for a couple of hours then it returns to the "tea...
  14. A

    Newbie Seeks Advice

    Hi all,   I visited 'Pets at Home' today and am looking to buy a 40Litre panoramic aquarium for tropical fish.  I have never owned tropical fish before so would really appreciate some tips from experienced fish owners.   I would like to introduce lots of colour to the tank but I am aware I will...
  15. JT-SCFC-1912

    Decor In Fish Tank

    I'm looking for some advice, recently got a large fish tank, and looking to keep the decor quite simple Can anybody recommend certain rocks/plants which would look great and beneficial to the community Thanks :)