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    Google kuhli loach nano tank and check out the first picture lol

    Google kuhli loach nano tank and check out the first picture lol
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    Spreading Out Aggression

    I have 7 gourami total. 4 are of three dot varietes, 3 of the paradise fish,and one dwarf. they make up most of my 55 gallons stocking,they have there little fights but are other wise fairly civil. so I'm sure if you got another female it would make a difference in the spread of aggression...
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    Good Luck, East Coast

    You really have to think of the nation your talking about. in the course of the past two days i had no clue anything was battering the coast much less a hurricane, northen Mississippi/greater Memphis has not been affected weather wise. America is a very large space of land, as far where i am in...
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    Any Mechanics Out There

    O_O I'm shocked,I think yall need to stick to fish lol. Coasting in neutral in a 5 speed is fine,you do it everytime you stop by pushing the clutch pedal down. Coasting in neutral in a auto is a whole different story, it can damage the trans in the long run as you are really only supposed to...
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    My Gourami Growing Very Fat

    Seems like fat gourami are quite common, out of my 7, 4 being three dot varieties and 3 paradise, two are fat (not dropsy) probably internal parasites,or constipation with mine.. i'd say yours probably has dropsy because of how raised the scales look... why cant gourami be more healthy they are...
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    Mikeo's New Project

    Have been i thought i was gonna get to see more pics lol
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    Petting Platys?

    Well crazy enough one of my platys was chilling at the top and let me pet him for a second. It was kinda odd, i know my oldest gold dojo will just about let me pick him up,but i never imagined petting a platy. Either way i want to know if done in moderation if it would cause any harm to the...
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    The Official "hey Lovelies" Thread

    So dang many of em. :)
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    The Official "hey Lovelies" Thread

    I take it that must be what the spotted one in the pic is? All i ever see is the blacks instores.. and i guess technically they are brownish, i have one that is turning silverish too.
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    1st Attempt At An Aquascape

    That kids face is priceless lol
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    Cabinet Build

    I really like that ^^^^ makes my hood look so janky lol
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    Making A Cheap Diy Hood For My 55g

    Paints dry hoods fits on the tank pretty well considering i measured out just the three bottom beams and eyeballed the rest
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    Question About Treating Ich

    so as of the past two days i've been fighting ich in my tanks (guessing came from walmart fish despite me dumping the water in a bucket not my tank) as it showed up first in the qt tank hex wendsday, i have been adding quick cure recommended dosage on qt tank, and 30 drops in my 55g (loaches...
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    Malawi Id

    well thats what my little guy is looks just like him/her? don't know how to sex it because i thought i had a kenyi, which from what i read would make it a girl, however i got him out of an assorted african cichlid tank,and they had the kenyis for a couple dollars more
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    The Official "hey Lovelies" Thread

    I cant ever seem to find the brown kuhlis like that all they carry locally is the black ones.. i need to more for 6 of em