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    Oak Bogwood

    A beautiful bit of aged oak bog wood. weighing in at 6kg and measuring 2ft long x 10inch high x 8inch wide. collection only from Leicester. grab a bargain £50
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    Ehime 2224 x2

    I have two Eheim 2224 filters for sale, they will need to be collected from Leicester. both filter fully working come with everything but tubing. one has standard green Eheim furniture the other has Ehiem instillation set. both come with Eheim Mech 2l one has 2l of Eheim pro bio media. both...
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    Drift Wood

    a good wash in hot water is all any wood needs. boiling will just shorten the life of the wood and release tannins that would never, otherwise, have been released. tannins are good for your fish anyway so some is fine.
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    Water changes - drop in temp

    i do 25% weekly and have never found any need to heat the water. though during winter i let it sit for an hour or so before i use it. the activity, during the change, of my fish would seem to indicate they are less than stressed by the change. indeed if say they seen to revel in it. been doing...
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    Pleco Killed By Goldfish?

    ignoring the fact Plecs are tropical and goldfish not. you would need a massive tank and filtration to deal with both fish in the same tank. and that's just with two fish. you will need a 100usg at least coupled with several high volume filters to cope with the mess both fish make. bottom line...
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    Really depends on the Cray you get. most USA cray are happy in a 10 usg tank. Australian Cray are better in a 20usg tank. only the Australian varieties are tropical so us cray need no heating. a cycled tank is fine, but they can live in unfiltered tanks with a total water change every week. a...
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    What Is Wrong With My Mexican Dwarf Orange Crayfish?

    it may just be your Cray's don't like company. illness after a moult is often a sign of a frightened Cray. also putting calcium in the water will not help your Cray's get harder shells. Cray's scavenge calcium from the water and get quite enough at 6.5-7+ph. I'd try placing your cray in their...
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    Blue Crayfish Question

    bit late sorry. which Blue crayfish?
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    Hi, Leaking Tank, Help! What Do I Do?

    whilst it is not expensive to re seal an entire tank. (safe sealent can be bought for £5 for 310mm) it is time consuming. the hardest part is breaking the tank down and cleaning off ALL the old Silicone. there are plenty of "how to" vids around to give the OP an idea of how to go.   @op, you...
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    Red Thai Crab

    basic needs: 2/3's land 1/3 water. heat lamp for land section. also needs to be in groups
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    Id Crayfish

    first and most important, Report this LFS to Defra. these vile creatures carry Crayfish plague, thats quite apart from being as UNNATURAL, as anything found in the hobby. the WATER, FROM WATER CHANGES, IS A BIO HAZARD these cray are illegal, both to keep, and sell in the UK. (as you state.) Only...
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    How Did Google Manage To Degrade Their Search Engine?

    I couldn't agree more with TTA's comments.   I feel Goggle have made the search "more relevent", TO THEIR ADVERTISERS. what you want to find, is irrelevant. and they are no good for investors either, despit their massive profits. they aint paid a penny in dividends since they went public!
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    Am I Changing The Water Too Frequently

    Its excess light, not neutrients, that causes agressive Algae growth! As, i presume, rms i getting at.   and NO you can't change the water too often.
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    Carbon Filters

    thats not quite true. carbon can leach back nasties it has previousley adsorbed, including copper.   since it became "optional" this is the major reason for reccomending it not be used. that and short life leading to high cost, as you stated.
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    Stones / Rocks

    This may help     Mods please, why oh why is this not a sticky?????????????????????????????