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  • Hi, still having trouble :/ I'm not setting my my tank for a while so hopefully before then I'll total up my posts and hopefully be able to PM you :) Cheers, Dan.
    Hi, for some reason I can't use the private messaging :( Here is my email address tho spiderdan85@gmail.com
    A 2080E?????? lol.
    I'm looking for Filament barbs (black spot barb.)
    but equipment might fit. what you got in that line?:
    fake plants
    twin output airpump (600lph min)
    I hadn't thought about it, to be honest.
    have you got any fish or gear to trade?
    sorry for the delay in replying, i dont get here much any more.
    just got round to seeing the pic of my old sev wow what a stunner dont suppose you wanna sell him back :D
    Hi Raptorrex666
    I am a crayfish breeder from Hong Kong. Do you know where can I find Aegla? I have discovered that you know a member from crayfish cword has Aelga right? Please help me. Thank you.
    My E-mail: siuchung007@yahoo.com.hk
    Hi Raptorrex666
    I joined TFF forum today, and have just found this media donating link - wonderful. What a great idea. I'm new to fish keeping, and started a fishless cycle in a 3 foot tank 4 days ago using pure ammonia.
    Would you be kind enough to let me have some media asap please to give it a kick start ??
    Thanks in anticipation, Jenny
    Hi there, I've seen that your linked as a member in Leicester willing to donate mature filter media... Is this true? I'm in leicester and off out to buy some ammonia and test kits today, would really appreciate the help.
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