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    Builders Expanding Foam

    why not use waterfall foam for ponds? I've had one running for 4 years now and the foams yet to cause as issue.
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    224G Diy Plywood Tank And Stand From Start To Finish :)

    This sounds like a quick and fun little project, but how do you plan to deal with the algea that build on the poly?
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    Need Some Advice

    Hey, so it's been quiet sometime since I've really been into the hobby. I've kept my tanks and kept them going however over the last 2 years I've made more of a movie towards reptiles that weren't so demanding. I've now decided to get back into the hobby full swing, seeing as I have the...
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    Algea Control

    plants in the pond are about 5 lillies(though they are small right now), 40 or so Hiacith and 6 water lettuce. I will be adding water crest to helep because that worked last year, the only issue is that the waterfall for our pond leaks so I don't know exactly where I'll be putting the water...
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    Algea Control

    Alright so I have a pond around 4000-4500 gallons. It holds during the summer months 9 koi and about 20 goldfish, the filtration is adaquet and the maintenance is weekly(water change and filter cleaning/rinising). The problem I seem too be having, and it's continuous every season, is the algea...
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    Red Devil With...

    So the Nay has it as I suspected lol. Thanks much all
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    Breeding Koi, Ponds.

    Using a large breeding net or spawning mop are your best bet, if you're worried about survival move the mop to an indoor tank and airate them. The other option is to have more plants such as Hornwort or Pondweed which should allow the babies to survive until you can see them feeding amoung the...
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    Red Devil With...

    So I was wondering if my 8" Red Devil Cichlid could survive with 3 5" turtles. I'm just concerned that Red Devil may try to eat the turtles, or vise-versa. Votes and advice please :)
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    Moving House & Tank - Would Like Your Help

    So seeing as I just moved 2 years ago and had to move 5 aquariums full of inhabitants I think I may actually be useful in this topic lol. I went to my LFS/LPS and asked for about 12 of there medium sized fish bags for each tank. I then caught all the fish and distributed them through out the...
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    Fish With Personality

    Some people WILL disagree with me. But if you plan to upgrade in the future I'd see no problem with getting an Oscar. I had one for 5 years, I got him around 12" and he grew to 16". I use to throw a ping pong ball in the tank and he'd hit it out of the water if the lid was off, if not he'd just...
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    Bad, Bad, Bad

    Everybody give LPS's a bad rap. I worked at a Petsmart for a few years, and the staff I worked with were passionate about the animals. Don't be mad at the company, be mad at the employee who couldn't be bothered. One bad experience may not mean your next one there wouldn't be a good one. It's...
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    Tiger Barbs Agression

    Tiger barbs are classified as semi-agressive. They are nippy fish that will bite off pieces of longer finned fish fins, such as Angelfish, and Gourami's. I'd reccomend not keeping them with Discus as they are slower moving fish, and the barbs will unfortunately be much more active. If you're...
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    Shy Fish / Lighting

    Fish will get used to your schedule. Keep the lights on, add some floating plants for "protection" sake, and keep an eye on them. Eventually all fish get used to the lights, even nocturnal ones such as my Clown Knife, he used to never swim during the time my lights were on, now, almost a year...
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    One More Jack Dempsey ?

    Shouldn't be an issue, just make sure to keep up with the water changes.
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    Should I Worry About High Ph?

    If you're truely worried, simply drip your fish for the acclimation period. This should allow them to become accostomed to the High ph. Other than that, most fish are highly adaptable and should be able to tolerate that ph with no issue.