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    Cycling products

    cycling products like stress zyme and "cycle" are very controversial and while a lot of people sya it works, a lot of people also reckon that it doesnt and that it is junk. its a classic case of seeing what works for your set-up, as everyone is different and our experiences all vary from one...
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    phosphate and calcium?

    phosphates can also be found in ph altering products (eg: ph up/down), which can cause high amounts of algae to form which is why not many people would reccomend on here. HTH :D
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    Fish Cleaners

    u can get mag-floats, which are 2 magnets for both sides of the tank, which will stick opposite each other and can be guided around HTH :D
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    I need to know if buying fish is ok now

    definately not corys as they cant tand even a little nitrite. unless u would consider getting more hardy fish (mollies, danios etc) then i would wait a little longer. -_-
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    How long before you got a second tank?

    should be getting a 12 gal in a wfew weeks :kana:
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    What's wrong with my mollie??

    i would go to your lfs for a second opinion on this as you have to be absolutely sure what kind of disease it is before you add any medication. HTH :D
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    Bye Bye Fishies

    sorry for your loss chook :rip:
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    Where do you get your fish?

    im in england so we have giant pet store and pets at home. i buy most of my fish ood, conditioner etc from a chain store (the 2 stores mentioned) but i'll buy most of my fish frm lfs's.
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    wow, i have one heck of a week!

    i can only answer 1 of your questions and that would be that your guppy fry were eaten by the parents or other tank mates.
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    Lowering pH

    like the other said, altering your ph, especially when you already have fish in your tank, is not a good idea. also, the phosphates in most ph altering products cause exessive algae growth. HTH :D
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    How often and how much...

    i change 30% once a week, currently dealing with white spot on my 3 tetras so upping the water changes a bit more :)
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    tetras with white spot

    ok thanks :) i dont have any scaleless fish so i should be able to put the full dosage in? thanks again :thumbs:
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    tetras with white spot

    uve probably had to explain this 10000 times before so i apologize, but my 3 tetras all have white spot and im not entirely sure what to do. i only have 1 tank, no quarentine/hospital tanks please help!!
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    what was your very first fish purchase

    my first EVER fish were 2 goldfish called tod and mary!! they were realy my mums but ah well :blink: