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    7 Foot, 1074 Litres, 284 Gallons.

    Collection is looking good Dave! Nice to see the Lapradei, hope he's settled in ok.
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    1 X Male Ctenopoma Acutirostre.

    Such a shame no-one wants him. I wouldn't chance him with Oscars myself, think they are a bit boistrous. No way you could grow the tetras out a bit in the spare tank til they are too big to be a meal?
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    1 X Male Ctenopoma Acutirostre.

    How big are the tetras? My 4 have been in with 1.5" neon (praecox) rainbows with no casualties. You will find his growth slows down a bit now too. These are fascinating fish, anyone looking at this and considering it then go for it, mine are probably my favourite fish.
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    Happy Birthday Ms Fishface

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shelagh, hope you've had a fab day xxx
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    R.i.p. Yaya!

    sorry for your loss :(
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    Zebra Plec....

    Not on the same scale as a common or BN, they stay small and if you are keeping pristine water for discus then a small group or trio may mean an extra water change or 2. I think my mate has some Zebs off Darkstar and is still very pleased with them.
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    Zebra Plec....

    there are indeed breeders who sell for £50-£75, if you have a look for some specialist plec sites then you should be able to make contact. One I know personally is Windy who lives in Wales and if he is still breeding plecs has good stock and a magic touch for breeding.
  8. indigoj To Good Home - 2X Pink Kissing Gourami

    Livestock: 2x 5" Kissing Gourami Quantity for sale: 2 Reason for Sale: Need to reduce stock Delivery or Collection: Definitely collection only - no time to post, sorry. Sales price: Free to good home Location: Bury, Lancashire 2 adult kissing gourami, 1 will probably grow more and is about...
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    6X2X2 Tank For Sale With Stock Etc.

    It is a shame you are not a bit closer Nelly, I'd have loved the Oscars to have gone to you :(
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    6X2X2 Tank For Sale With Stock Etc.

    Anyone? Can't believe there is NO-ONE interested at all.... I'll get pics next week, lapradei and fire eel now reserved.
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    6X2X2 Tank For Sale With Stock Etc.

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    6X2X2 Tank For Sale With Stock Etc.

    Equipment make/model/size: 6x2x2 glass tank with homemade stand plus 3x large external filters (FX5, Tetratec ex1200 and Aquaone 1200), 2x 300w heaters, 4 Oscars (2 are wild) 1 Fire Eel, 1 Lapradei Bichir, 1 Raphael Catfish and one Senegal Bichir with a Lump on it's side. NO hood or lights. Also...
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    My Gn Is Dead!

    You say you were moving her to another tank? Was this what you planned to do or had you done it? How long had you had her? GN's are notoriously fragile at first and really can't be classed as truly settled for several months.
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    My Piranha Tank

    Wow, that looks fab. It only seems a week or two that you found they were too small to photograph so I'm guessing they have grown pretty quickly!
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    Arrows In Pier?

    according to Pier they have Silvers and Blacks in stock