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Jan 17, 2014
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White Foamy Bubbles At The Top Of My Tank.

Hell All,
I am experiancing White foamy Bubbles at the top of my tank. Location is top right side, front of tank, across from filter and heater. Above where all my Goldfish prefer to hang out. I did a water change about 4 days ago and usually keep a 10% once a week water change, just to stay on top of parameters and good water for my buddies. (Not sure if this is the right thing to do?, So, please comment). I am new to this so I would love all comments that can help me take care if this situation (hoping my fishes are okay). I have read that it may be bubbles nest, filter too high, good/bad gas exchange,too much airstone pumpage(both are small bullet shaped located together on right back side), good/bad bacteria, change out 20% water immediately, DO NOT change water and leave alone, and the list goes on, :)
So.. Should I disturb it? Should I change the water? Should I not feed for a day? Should I use less light, air, filter, fish? I need some advice and help! lol
I hope i entered enough info to help answer my question. Thanks to all ...
55 Gallon Fresh Water Tank
30/60 Gal filter(New filter w/ water change).
15 Gal filter(New filter w/ water change).
2 airstones being pumped by air pump for 55 Gal.
Both filters sits about .25 " above water line.
Water quality _ Clear
Tank holds  
1 _ 6" Tin foiled Barb
2 _ 4" Pictus Catfish
4 _ 1" 1/2 Goldfish
1 _ 1" Goldfish
Levels in tank are 
PH = 7.4 
AMMONIA = 0.25 
Temp _ 78'F
Light _ about 10 hours a/day bright white, and a dark red a night(where you can only make out the outline of each fish against background)
Feed twice a day, one in am about 7am, one in evening about 6pm( small/ med pinch size)
Food type _ Flakes, baby shrimp, granules
to the forum! Hope you enjoy it here.
Can you possibly get a picture of the bubbles?
What sort of chemicals have you added to the tank? I am not sure what could be going on but perhaps a chemical has caused it.
Now, some things I think you may want to know about your stocking.
The tin foiled barb gets too large for this tank, and should be kept in groups of 6+. I don't know which type you have so here are two links: TINFOIL BARB and RED-TAILED TINFOIL BARB
Pictus catfish should be kept in groups of 6+, and think the tank could stand to be a bit bigger. HERE is a link for some more information.
Goldfish are cold water while the other fish are tropical, fancies need 30g for the first and 15g for each additional, while ones like comets need 75g+.
Ammonia is not good, did you cycle the tank? If you don't know what cycling is have a read of THIS.
You should have some nitrates unless the tank is very heavily planted, which again leads me to believe your tank is not cycled.
I hope I didn't come off too harshly, these are just things that are best for you to know about now rather than later :)
No, not harsh at all Ninjouzata,
 I attempted to upload images, but continued to get error message of image to big, So i pretty much left it alone, lol
I acquired the tank from a family member that could no longer maintain the tank. So when i brought the tank, it had the Red tailed tinfoil barb and the 2 pictus catfish. I'm pretty sure that housing that many fishes of each wouldn't be a good idea for the size tank that I have? As for the question if I cycled the tank, No I did not, I just set up the tank ignorantly only because I didn't know any better and i didn't want to keep the fish in the 5 gal bucket when i brought them over to my home. So pretty much boiled tap water, cleaned all decors and inside of tank with hot water only (no chemicals, or soap of any kind, only from what is in tap water). I dried it fairly well and filled it and added the three fishes. Now the tank has been up and running for about a 2 weeks or so and now am discovering all that needs to happen in maintaining and established a good tank prior to adding fishes, my mistake. I don't have anything other than two 5 gallon buckets and was afraid that fish would die, being its usually a couple weeks or more to cycle a tank, no? So, i guess i'm looking for direction as to what i can do with what I have. The foam or bubbles is not as extreme as I have seen on the internet, however I don't want to chance it getting worse. 
do you live in the city or the county? I have seen foam happen from cities that have a high percentage of chlorine in their water, the bubbles occur as the chlorine evaporates with the water in the form of a noxious gas that can be harmful to the fish. Also everything Ninjo stated is dead on.
Ah okay XD if you can, upload them to a photo sharing website such as photobucket and then link here.
No it would not, as those are too big for the tank already. They should be re-homed if possible. This means you can bring them to the LFS (local fish store) and they may take them, or put them on craigslist and someone may take them.
You can also check some fish groups in your area and someone may be able to take them from there as well.
It can take 6-8 weeks to cycle a tank, fishless that is. Fish-in takes longer, usually.
Did you add dechlorinator?
Also if you live in a city ask how much chlorine they put in the water. I have to double dose my dechlorinitor because are city runs such a high amount that normal dosing does not get rid of all the chlorine.
You may also be able to find a water report online on your water provider's website!
All I have to work with now to add to new water is Tetra Agua Water Clarifier and Terta Agua Easy balance would this be sufficient enough to treat water before i add?
Should I continue to use 50/50 distilled and boiled being i don't have proper conditioners on hand?
Also I currently don't have a second tank only two five gallon buckets, will my fish survive in the 5 gallon buckets the time it takes the time to attempt a Nitrogen Cycle? Or should I just stick with the water changes more frequently till i get a second tank?
Thanks in advance
@Supraman, I live in the suburbs, so I might assume the chemicals are not as concentrated as City water would be, but then again that's just a guess. 
@Ninjouzata, I  will try that with the pics, also I ran out of dechlorinator but I did boil the water and used half distilled, just in case the chlorine was too much,  just trying different alternative being i'm out of dechlorinator. 
Those are not dechlorinators. Why are you using distilled water? Just to have less chlorine, right? I ask because distilled doesn't contain any minerals that are beneficial for the fish and plants.
I think I'd stick with the water changes more frequently til you get a second tank. When you get the second tank you can cycle that fishless and when it's ready you can transfer the fish over.
You can also leave the water out for 24 hours instead of using the dechlorinator, but I do recommend you pick some up ASAP.
If you're looking for a certain brand, Prime is great and lasts quite a while because of how concentrated it is.

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