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  1. Rockfella

    Floating bottom or otherwise.

    Hi, I am about to build a 36"L X 24"H x 16" tank with 10mm glass. The debate of putting the vertical glasses on top or sides is rather confusing. There are multiple commercial aquarium makers who have used both ways successfully for decades. Recently I saw a vid in which it was recommended to...
  2. Circus

    Foam Under Acrylic

    So I traded one of my 29 gallon tanks for a 55 gallon acrylic tank. My stand is coming in the mail soon. I have been told (or read somewhere) that an acrylic needs foam under it. What kind of foam? Styrofoam, neoprene mat, yoga mat? I have some 1/4 neoprene foam matting, about 5 feet of it...
  3. S

    Hydrodynamic Mattenfilters

    Hi! Recently, I have been switching my sponge filters over to the Hydrodynamic Mattenfilters offered by Aquatica out of Cleveland, Ohio! These are a great alternative to poret foam filters and cost less. The fit is perfect and they're super efficient! Anyone looking for an upgrade, check them out!
  4. mcontra25

    White Foamy Bubbles At The Top Of My Tank.

    White Foamy Bubbles At The Top Of My Tank. Hell All, I am experiancing White foamy Bubbles at the top of my tank. Location is top right side, front of tank, across from filter and heater. Above where all my Goldfish prefer to hang out. I did a water change about 4 days ago and usually keep a...