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  1. V

    Is there a way to reverse siphon- using it to add water?

    I know that siphoning removes water and cleans out waste from under the gravel. But in water change, you have to replace the water. However, I haven't gotten it to flow the opposite way. With a bucket of clean water, I placed the siphon in headfirst and the plastic pipe end into the tank. I...
  2. Circus

    Fine Bubble Airstone

    So, I was doing some online shopping for my upcoming goldfish tank. I have decided on substrate, decorations, and plants. I have my airpump, but now I need an airstone. I know the goldfish need more oxygen, which means I need more gas exchange, which I believe means I need finer bubbles...
  3. LexiLex888

    Bubbles on Fish, 4 dead

    Help! About 2 months ago I decided to purchase a 55 gallon tank and start a tropical fish tank. I set it up, let it cycle for two weeks and then slowly started to add fish. I have about 25 (all tropical) fish in there now, and 4 snails. There was a slight bacterial bloom a while ago, and my...
  4. T

    Strange brown stuff on tank glass

    Hello, I came to my tank yesterday and there was a strange brown thing on the inside of the tank glass, I had noticed it a few days ago but it was really small so I thought nothing of it but by yesterday it had grown to almost triple the size, so today I cleaned the tank out and used a sponge to...
  5. Flinkbag

    What's Causing This? Please Help D:

    Hey all!    So within the last two days, I've noticed patches of bubbles on the surface of the water in my tank, kind of like when you use pima fix and it froths up the surface, but a little less severe than that. Also, when I watch my fish, they seem to be breathing more rapidly than usual...
  6. nmacog

    Jbl Taifun Co2 - Help !

    Hi all,   I'm new to the whole Co2 thing, was talked into getting one at my LFS to help with my planted aquarium. So I went for the JBL Taifun S Reactor, TMC Solenoid CO2 kit, JBL Bubble Counter and CO2.   I have a 260 Litre tank and was setting CO2 to 30 bubbles per minute. I've been...
  7. mcontra25

    White Foamy Bubbles At The Top Of My Tank.

    White Foamy Bubbles At The Top Of My Tank. Hell All, I am experiancing White foamy Bubbles at the top of my tank. Location is top right side, front of tank, across from filter and heater. Above where all my Goldfish prefer to hang out. I did a water change about 4 days ago and usually keep a...