What happens when floating plants run out of space?


Feb 16, 2008
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Its a what should I do when I go on holiday question...

This year I have let the community tank get to 100% coverage (Amazon Frogbit and Salvinia auriculata). Its fairly easy to manage as just before the weekly water change I net around 30% into a bucket to feed to my goldfish & koi. I'd love for it to establish in the pond but it seems way too tasty for that ;)

The tank has a nice balance at the moment. At the end of next month I have to leave it for 3 weeks. So should I do an extra big thinning before I go, or after I get back. The main concern is if it starts dying and fouling the water when it runs out of space. If it just gets thicker and blocks out more light I'm fine with that (its a blackwater tank). Thinhs that will change while I'm gone is no fish feeding, no ferts (I add Seachem Flourish comprehensive 2x per week at half the recommended dosage) and of course no water changes.
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