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What colors would I get?


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Feb 17, 2020
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I have a few Bettas that I’m considering breeding. First I have a male dumbo butterfly Betta that’s mostly Purple with hints of red and white. Then I have two Halfmoon females, one is platinum white and the other is blue.
What colors would I possibly get if I bred him to which female?
Here’s a picture of my male below!


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Jan 14, 2020
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I am not currently "up to date" on betta genetics or current trends , update knowledge, but I will offer you this. I bred bettas for first time over 36 years ago. Then, we could only find pet store fish, we no knowledge of them, what you see is what you get ...
We checked around (back then we had many more LFS and pet shops, ma & paw shops) and we kept on the look out for decent males and had to special order females!
We had limited success, and even when trying to breed like colors, you could and would get ANYTHING, but most were blue, red and now and then we would see "cambodians" (light body colored fins) and even "butterfly".....
When we got further into it, we discovered a state resource at the fairgrounds, and thru that aquarium we found Iowa Betta Congress and breeder at meetings (2 hrs away) that helped us,... all our pet store fish retired from breeding.
A reputable breeder in Des Moines area had a line of blue/green line, ALL Red and related colors were bred out and these fish were bigger, better shape and lovely! In both solid and cambodian.... he GAVE us the fish... 2 of each sex in each color, so total of 8.... we went home on a 7th heaven cloud!!!! We had great success with them but never bred any show winners.
My point here being, even with these highly bred, intensely colored fish, worked on by this guy for YEARS to get to this point, when bred to each other, there was still a great difference in color, tone, development and even shape/type in the offspring, from seemingly identical parent.
The last time I breed bettas was 25 years ago ...With all the changes in the last 40 years and the introductions of so many colors, types and even other species ... trying to GUESS what you are breeding from even KNOWN lines, is still close to rolling the dice!!! But, enjoy it.... FUN with fishes!!

Pics are NOT fish I bred, but just pets I had a few years ago
20161209_132646 (2) - Copy.jpg
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