What are you doing today?

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Today is laundry day....every Monday for the last 40 or so years has been laundry day :lol:

The temps are dropping a wee bit outside but still not missing the heating - I have 8 drawers full of chunky jumpers to choose from if required.

All fish are doing swimmingly (literally)...currently stuffing their little faces with breakfast.
I remember algebra. It wasn't that bad for me. Wait till you get to trig. That was quite a bit harder. I've always liked math. It's a nice challenge.
Ι looooveee algebra soooo much!!!!!!
I do like it as well... It is fun cause you are trying to solve the "puzzle" kinda...
But when you just dont understand it, its not fun lol.
Luckily I am getting the hang of it, so Im having a lot of fun working my brain out rn
I'm on the last question and I can't figure it out 😐 lol
I keep thinking I have it and then don't lol
Boom. I think we got it. My mom walked me through it. But I had to correct her on a step cause she did it wrong at first 😅
I kind of liked geometry because it's practical, and I still use it, and trig was OK, being a lot like geometry. Calculus? Nothing by smoke and magic to me.
I hated the end of grade tests with the calculator and non calculator sections... Cause they shouldn't have even had it with how it was set up.
The calculator section was all stuf with geometry and angles. So you had no use for it. Meanwhile the non calculator section was all the numbers 😂

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