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UK Fish Store Directory

Discussion in 'Tropical Discussion' started by bunjiweb, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. craig855s

    craig855s Member

    Mar 11, 2009
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    My 4 LFS that i have visited while in my new home

    The Goldfish Bowl - Oxford
    Variety: 9 - LOADS OF TANKS, not a lot of oddballs though,dry goods selection good too
    Quality:9 - Never seen a dead fish in there in the 3 or 4 visits ive made, reason i gave it a 9 instead of a 10 is that some of the sale tanks are heaving with fish (prob delivery day)
    Staff:9 - Top class aswell, even though one of the partners is grumpy

    Aquahouse - Witney
    Variety: 5 - Mostly common run of the mill fish such as danios,guppies etc (not been to marine section) but they did have a tank full of those catfish that grow to over a metre long for sale to the public...
    Quality: 5 - Dead fish here and there, some had been there a long time, its hit and miss and i wouldnt buy from there again (i took a chance on some rummynoses and its paid off so i "saved" them
    Staff: 7 - The guy knows some stuff, but nothing about plants...and the fact he can leave all those dead fish there cant be good for the image of the shop or the rest of the stock in the tanks

    Maidenhead aquatics - swindon central
    Variety: 8 -Great selection including dry goods
    Quality: 10 - Spot on,nothing sick or dead
    Staff: 8 - The 2 questions i asked were answered fine, cant say any more really

    Pets at home - Abingdon
    Variety: 4 - Stock changes frequently so they do get the occasional rarer fish in but danios etc are always present
    Quality: 8 - Fantastic for a pets at home, only the tiger barb tank had a problem (couple with a swim bladder issue) but every other tank and every time ive been there has been spot on
    Staff:8 - The "fish woman" really knows her stuff and obviously takes pride in looking after the fish prior to sale unlike some other chain stores who care as much for the fish as they do for the stuff on the shelves

    Then there is..

    In2pets - Witney

    Unless your in emergency need of dry goods and live on this same street then id just steer clear,really
    Variety: 2 - Only the very basics really
    Quality:1 - LOADS of dead fish stuck to filter inlets, and as you dont wanna buy a fish from a tank containing dead fish then all these tanks are morgues
    Staff:1 - They let is get like this???!!!
  2. Floyds mum

    Floyds mum Member

    Jul 31, 2009
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    Pets at home
    Lincoln, lincolnshire
    Variety of fish: 7 (could have a bigger selection)
    Staff knowledge: 10 (they might not have known answer to every qu i asked but they were very helpful and were prepared to find someone who did)
    Cleanliness and quality: 10 (ive always been perfectly happy)

    Maidenhead aquatics
    As stated at beginning of post, all fish ive had from them have died, but they do have a huge selection and species ive never seen anywhere before.
  3. PawsForThought

    Jan 30, 2008
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    Hi aichvee

    I know it is a rather old post (2007) though I just stumbled on your comment about us stocking disco fish and thought "WHAT?! We wouldn't ever stock disco fish!" so I checked with the shop and sure enough our supplier sent us some in error in 2007 so there were some in our tanks... briefly!

    Just wanted to clear that up! Hope it hasn't left a lasting negative impression!

  4. Ryandsimmons

    Ryandsimmons Member

    Nov 22, 2009
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    Sutton, Surrey, UK
    Tachbrook Tropicals, London Victoria

    Variety: 5, okay selection in there, nothing amazing though.

    Staff Knowledge: 1: I didn't speak to the people in there much cother than to find out they are rude. I did ask about using medicines while cycling, and he didn't know what cycling mean't (fair enough, terms differ). I explained that cycling was the term for getting the nitrogen cycle going on the internet and that led to a rant about how stupid the internet was. I then asked for the price of a rock, and he said he would have to weigh it. I asked for a rough estimate, £5? £10? £100? and he refused to answer saying he had no idea. If you can't tell me whether it is closer to £1 or £100 I don't really care anymore. Supposedly a closing down sale on as well but everything I looked at was full price.

    Cleanliness/ Quality: 1: Place looks like it closed down years ago, faded, dirty and unkempt. Cardboard on the floor. Smells bad and I wouldn't buy anything apart from dry goods there. No dead fish, but given the general air I wouldn't buy.
  5. mini_matt

    mini_matt Member

    Sep 24, 2009
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    Andover, UK
    haven't read the whole thread but none on the first page for SOUTHAMPTON so thought I would say Tropiquari in Shirley is a great shop, on my first visit the old chap that owns the shop told us if there is anything we want it can be ordered in and in the past they have sent boats out specifically for a particular fish at the cost of £4000 but the customer was very happy they had there fish (I suspect a slight exaggeration on the price)

    also Mike and Daves is a great fish shop in Portswood Southampton, on first impressions it looks closed but he has lovely fish in there, tropical and coldwater but no salties im afraid. some very pretty and unusual fish in there even a blue lobster and some lovely bettas and knife fish! cheap tanks too!
  6. stoneagedinosaur

    Oct 18, 2009
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    NE Dorset
    Shame as I have had nothing but great service there. Knowledgeable staff, more than willing to spend time with you - bloody cheap too! Better for equipment than fish tbh. Maybe I have been lucky - bought tank from there and loads of equipment when I'm passing

    I tend to use Green Man Aquatics at John Brown Garden Centre, Three Legged Cross, Dorset - purely because they are local and it's easier to take the dead fish back there! :hey:

    Variety - 7
    Quality - 6
    Service - varies from 3 - 10 depends on who you get! No explanation or refund after pleco died after 10 days despite ok water stats... just my opinion
  7. onebto

    onebto Member

    Dec 8, 2008
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    Surrey England
    UK store Surrey.

    I have just visited Maidenhead Aquatics Morden

    I was seriously impressed with this store and annoyed with myself for not discovering it earlier I would recommend it to anyone in the local area :good:

    Variety:9 If only I had a couple more tanks :lol:

    Yes its a high score but for my area they have a huge amount of different species than I have experienced in my other 4 local stores.

    Quality:9 I could not fault them in anyway but will reserve 10 only because I think there is room for perfection.

    Service:9 Excellent knowledge and good customer service :good:

    Morden Hall Garden Centre
    Morden Hall Rd Morden
    Surrey SM4 5JG

    Telephone no: 0208 646 106

    website: http://www.fishkeeper.co.uk/store.aspx?id=61

    Regards onebto
  8. dstev

    dstev Member

    Jan 27, 2010
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    Just discovered I have a Maidenhead Aquatics very close to me (Trowell, Nottinghamshire). I have got to say that this shop is far superior to some of the rubbish I have close to me

    Variety 9 - A huge range of all different types of fish. Some rare tropical fish and they must have had around 150 tanks in total full of fish. Fish arranged by category which was useful.

    Quality 8 - Quality generally excellent, although because there were so many tanks some looked a little unclean. Only spotted 1 or 2 dead fish out of 1000's.

    Service 9 - The member of staff that helped me was excellent and his knowledge was very good. He actually approached me and started telling me information about the fish I was looking at. Every question was answered, and nearly everything I was told tallied up with my limited knowledge of tropical fish.

    The store is located within Trowell Garden Centre. I also believe there is a store in Derby and Nottingham, though I haven't been to these. I definately recommend going as they have some excellent display tanks, particularly the cichlid and rainbow fish tanks.
  9. bunjiweb

    bunjiweb mmmmmmmarines

    Apr 1, 2004
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    Cheltenham (UK)
    Really glad to see this thread still going!

    Has anyone visited the new site for Real Reefs, just outside Cheltenham, Gloucestershire? The owner, Phil has moved to a bigger premises and has some fantastic stock (Marine Only).. His advice is also second to none.

  10. catfishy

    catfishy Member

    Feb 20, 2010
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    maidenhead aquatics @ iver ,bourne end + chipperfield

    variety 9
    quality 8
    service 9
    i grouped them all together for ease much the same fish prices vary but no moro than £2 for neon tetra always less :hyper: staff v knowlegable will ask lots of questions
  11. Dave Dyson

    Dave Dyson Member

    Mar 2, 2010
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    North Yorkshire

    Cascade Garden & Aquatic Centre
    Ripon Road
    Bishop Monkton
    Hg3 3qd
    Tel: 01765 677456
    Variety - 10 great selection of japanese and Israeli Koi, Tropical Fish, Marines
    Quality - 10 (All clean, not seen a dead fish)
    Service - 10 (Family Run, very helpful)
    Tropical Fish Marine Fish Koi
  12. james_fish

    james_fish Chuck, Leader Of Ze People.

    Nov 9, 2009
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    The previous comment was obviously an advertisement? 10/10/10 WOW! your keen.


    Pier Aquatics in Wigan, England (Greater Manchester)

    Variety - 9/10 Superb in there, ranging from Coldwater to Tropical & an Impressive selection of Marine fish. Also in there are some Huge Softshells, as well as Plecos up to like 3/4 foot. Aswell as equipment including tanks, food, accesories ETC.

    Cleanliness & Quality - 6/10 The shop itself is not the cleanest, but the fish are in exceptional health. I've never had any deaths relating to the shop. Quality of the fish and so are second to none. But like i said the shop is not the cleanest.

    Friendlyness and Knowledge - 7/10 The staff are pretty friendly and there is are always plenty of staff on hand to help. They handle the fish very carefully. Every fishkeeper has different ideas, but the knowledge of Pier Aquatics is very good.

    Pier Aquatics Website
    The website is not always updated, but is pretty good none the less.

    That was as honest as i could be :good:

  13. Flute

    Flute Moderator
    Moderator Global Moderator

    Apr 12, 2009
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    Wales- WREXHAM

    The Green Machine,
    Unit 1a,
    Felin Puleston Industrial Estate,
    Ruabon Road,
    LL13 7RF


    Variety- 9/10 For tropical fish species. They don't sell marine fish. but they also sell a variety of reptails. Stunning selection of all different types of fish, all in gorgeous tanks. Also an amazing plant, rocks and substrate selection.

    Cleanliness & Quality- 10/10 The most professional aquatics shop I have ever seen- every single tank was in pristine condition, with lots of plant coverage for fish to hide in. No dead or ill fish, everything looked very healthy and very colourful. Some of the tank set ups were mind blowing! You can really tell that they know what they're doing.

    Friendlyness and Knowledge- 8/10 Didn't get the chance to ask much about the fish, but there were several staff available on hand, and the guy I talked to was very friendly and very helpful.
  14. dipsydoodlenoodle

    Sep 1, 2009
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    Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

    Tyne Valley Aquatics - Mitford; near Newcastle upon Tyne
    Cleanliness - 8
    Quality - 9 (I've seen one dead fish in there once)
    Friendliness and knowlege = 10+ (they are very clued up and don't mind phone calls asking for advice)
  15. mattbond

    mattbond Member

    Nov 4, 2008
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    watford, hertfordshire, england
    World of Water - Watford

    Tel: 01923270707

    Variety – 8 (nice mix of community fish, both marine and freshwater, with a few interesting oddballs)
    Quality – 8 (Generally very clean tanks, only a couple of deads in a tank being quarantined)
    Service – 7(Most staff very helpful, theres always someone who can help you if another can't)

    New management in Tropical Fish very knowledgable on both tropicals and marines, has some interesting cories and plecs in that you only seem to see in pfk

    coldwater very good value, a few part-timers a bit lacking on some area's of knowledge but make up for it on helpfulness

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