Jan 31, 2021
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United Kingdom
Hey everyone!
My newest project is starting to take shape as I'll be ordering my new tank and equipment by the end of april! Exciting stuff right? Well my stocklist is annoyingly hard to get my head around if I'm gonna end up with a well balanced cichlid community or world war 3 in an aquarium.. so a single female or male jack dempsey is first on the list. No preference of gender as both are just as stunning and seem to have the same personalities from what I can gather. Next up is two female convicts now you're probably thinking why two females and not just one? Well essentially convicts are the toughest cichlids I've heard of and are really robust so with the dempsey I think they would be fine and I'm not worried about them being too aggressive as they can't breed. Next is the one I'm worried about.. The salvini cichlid, after extensive research on this fish and finding out they're not the easiest to find near me (I have found a source though thank god) Salvinis seem to be the most aggressive of the trio species of cichlids I have listed and also seem to get worse around breeding time even without a partner so has anyone ever had a salvini? How was it for you? Anyways any idea on any dither fish or catfish to go in this tank? Maybe I should keep the stocking low as these fish are pretty aggressive :)

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