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  1. S

    Sexing Jack Dempsey

    So I was at my LFS today and they had this pretty good sized jack Dempsey that’s like 4-5 inches and I was so tempted but I’m looking for a male and the none of the workers were really sure what gender it is. They said they think it’s a female but isn’t 100% sure. Can someone please help me...
  2. SAChichlidLover

    Stocking ideas?

    Hey everyone! My newest project is starting to take shape as I'll be ordering my new tank and equipment by the end of april! Exciting stuff right? Well my stocklist is annoyingly hard to get my head around if I'm gonna end up with a well balanced cichlid community or world war 3 in an aquarium...
  3. B

    Help me sex these fish

    I have a JD and a green terror coukd you help me sex them i think the jd is a male but im not sure
  4. P

    Electric Blue Jack dempsey & Jaguar Cichlid

  5. P

    Electric Blue Jack Dempsey

  6. SAChichlidLover

    Central american cichlid only tank?

    Hey everyone :) Got a cool project which is gonna be starting very soon and I wanted to hear everyones opinions and more cichlid only tankmate ideas! So I am setting up a 70gal 4 ft long tank (It's actually 68 gallons but for ease I'm just gonna say 70) and current stocklist I have is a...
  7. V

    Advice on fin damage

    So, I’ve got a Jack Dempsey cichlid who was attacked by a green terror 6-8 months ago. There was extensive fin damage and he has regrown nothing. He lives in a 60 gallon tank with a pleco. I do water changes and make sure the ammonium and nitrate is always 0. He also always keeps his fins kind...
  8. Guyb93

    Sexing Jack Dempsey

    I have moved my One of my Jack Dempsey into a tank on his own as it is just not the same size as my others and after a recent ram casualty iv moves him into his own 3ft 35g tank I have two and wonder if I have a breeding pair so he could have a tank mate ? Can any body sex these I thought two...
  9. Jacks12003

    Tank mates for a Jack Dempsey

    I have a Jack Dempsey cichlid and a Florida pleco in a 29g tank. Both are about 3.5 to 4 inches long. The Jack Dempsey has been extremely aggressive to every other fish in the tank except for the pleco and a convict cichlid that was in his tank when I first got him (who has since died). He is...
  10. C

    Jack Dempsey with Other Cichlids

    I have two fish tanks, a thirty gallon that consists of an Electric yellow cichlid, a Kenyi cichlid, and 2 peacocks, all in the range of about 3.5 inches. I also have a 55 gallon tank only with a jack Dempsey. The cichlids don’t seem to be doing to well in the 30 gallon, mostly hiding and such...
  11. J

    75 gallon stocking question

    I have a 75 gallon that currently has a 4 inch gold severum 1.5-2 inch green terror and 6 Columbian tetra. I'm wanting to add a jack dempsey, will it be too much aggression for a 4 ft tank. I'm running a ehiem 2075 and sunsun 304b so filtration should be fine. Any advice would be greatly...
  12. E

    Aggressive Fish, goldfish, and tanks.

    Hi! I'm posting in a bunch of forums because I really need help... At my job we have a fish tank and its not doing well. They have had it for years, far before I started, and the staff who used to take care of it left. Since then it was periodically taken care of by someone else, but the tank...
  13. B

    Jack Dempsey/ Convict Hybrid

    I just bought a male jack Dempsey hybrid For my 3 female convicts.There's currently some "disputes" with 2 of the females including the most docile. Will the fighting continue? They are also being kept with what might be a male firemouth, but he/she? is small and pretty peaceful and has no...
  14. H

    Sexing Jack Dempsey?

    Hello I have a 4 year old Jack dempsey currently residing in a 45 gallon corner tank, but I have yet to decide weather its a male or female, please help!
  15. BerryAttack

    Jack Dempsey And Angelfish?

    Just want some people's point of view on the subject. I have a pair of angel fish and the male is going to pass away any day now, swim bladder issues. I've had a pair of angelfish before and i noticed that if one dies the other one will. right now i'm leaving the tank dark, and has a towel to...