convict cichlid

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  1. Convictlover

    Convict Cichlid Sex & Growth Rate

    Hi all, I have what I believe to be a male Convict (see attached photos). He’s only 5cm. Is this too small to tell the sex? Also curious about Convict growth rates. At 5cm how old would mine be and how quickly will he grow to full size? He’s sooo cute and so full of personality. 🥰
  2. Convictlover

    Newbie Convict Lover

    Hi all, new to the forum and kinda a newbie to fish keeping. Had livebearers growing up (Guppie, Platys etc) and a blue gourami as a teen and then didn’t have any fish for 16 years. Recently decided to get a wet pet as I can’t have any other pets where I live. After a month of research I...
  3. A

    Convict Cihlids with tetras?

    New to this forum, so hopefully this is the place for this question. I had a pair of convict cichlids and recently my female passed away. She was around 6 years old and has had countless spawns of fry. So now I have a single male and I don't want to get another female and deal with the constant...
  4. SAChichlidLover

    Stocking ideas?

    Hey everyone! My newest project is starting to take shape as I'll be ordering my new tank and equipment by the end of april! Exciting stuff right? Well my stocklist is annoyingly hard to get my head around if I'm gonna end up with a well balanced cichlid community or world war 3 in an aquarium...
  5. B

    Convict cichlid fry

    So I have a breeding pair of convict cichlids in a 100 gallon tank along with a jack dempsey and a juvinile green terror they will be laying eggs soon and when the fry are born I dotn really want them to be eaten by the other fish as my local pet store wanted to buy some how quickly can I move...
  6. L

    Convict Cichlids Chasing - need help

    Hello, I bought 2 convicts whose sizes are within 2 inches for my 20-gallon tank. They were quite peaceful in the first week, but then the larger one (a male I believe) started chasing the female and took several bites on her stomach so I separated them. They are the only fish in this tank. What...
  7. Guyb93

    Convict growing so fast

    I bought a pair of convicts about 2 -3months ago and they were tiny about half an inch I have found they are both Male as I know about there nightmare breeding and I’m shocked at the growth rate of one of these convicts , they were the same size 3 months ago now one is over 3 inches and the...
  8. T

    Rehoming convicts and pleco

    Got 15/16 convict cichlids, 3 of them are albino,a few fry, and 1 common pleco looking to rehome as not around enough for cichlids anymore, if can be taken all together then that would be perfect as a few have paired up and convicts mate for life, I’m located in west London
  9. Fc1700

    Tankmate(s) for a Single Convict Cichlid?

    I have a single female convict in my 20 gallon long. I got her about 10 months ago, and she's been alone since I added her with a blue ram who was bigger than her at the time and she ended up killing. came back one day and the rams eye was missing . That's when I realized their aggressiveness is...
  10. K

    What Species Is This?

    I'm not extremely new to the hobby, but I'm no veteran. I have a 55gal over-filtered tank with a school of different colored tinfoil barbs as the main attraction. But my question is this: I have a fish that was sold to me when I first started keeping fish. He was sold to me as a convict cichlid...