Stocking a 10 gallon tank, any suggestions?


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Aug 27, 2017
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You might want to consider some top or middle level fish so that your tank won't look so empty.
I like a combination of top / middle level fish with shrimps.
Shrimps are active & interesting.
If you want striking colour shrimps, get either the Yellow or Fire Red shrimps.(Neocaridina species).
Don't get Caridina species which are more difficult to keep.

For fish, you have to get some small fish like Chili(Mosquito) Rasboras or Boraras Maculatas or Blue Axelrodi Rasboras. You can keep about 10 of them with 20-30 shrimps.
But the problem with these small fish is you have to feed them with fine powder food(fry food).
Don't buy Tetra brand for fish food. They spoilt very fast.
Get an airtight container to keep the fish food.

"10 Types of Rasboras for Community Aquariums"


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