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Nov 20, 2003
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Toronto, Canada
Common name/s: Saulosi

Scientific name:Pseudotropheus Saulosi


Origin: Lake Malawi, Africa

Maximum size: 4"

Care: This is a small and moderately aggressive species from the mbuna family, and a good choice for a typical mbuna aquarium. The minimum recommended tank size for these fish is 30 gallons. The aquarium should be decorated with a number of hiding spots including caves of various sizes. Sand substrate is appreciated by these fish, but is not necessary. Saulosi are best kept in water with a PH of 7.5 or higher, at a temperature between 75° and 80°. These cichlids can be housed with mbuna of similar aggression and different markings, and hyper-aggressive species should be avoided. Proper diet and clean conditions are very important for the long term health of this fish.

Feeding: As a mostly herbivorous species, the primary diet of Saulosi should be a high quality spirulina flake. Fresh vegetables may be supplemented. To much meaty food will cause a fatal digestive condition known as 'bloat'.

Sexing and breeding: All Saulosi are born a deep yellow. As males mature they morph into a bold blue with black stripes. Because of the aggressive nature of the males, at least two females for each is recommended. When males are kept in close quarters the subdominants will display fainter blue coloring, or may even take on the orange coloring of females in order to avoid the aggression of the dominant male. Only one male is recommended for tanks less under 50 gallons. As mouthbrooders, females will incubate and hatch the eggs in her buchal pouch, and then continue to hold the fry until the yolk sacs have been consumed. A typical holding period for this cichlid is 3-3.5 weeks, and the female will not eat during this time. Once spit, fry are left to fend for themselves. In order to raise fry the female should be seperated into a holding tank, and removed once the fry have been spit. Fry can be fed powdered spirulina food.
A Juvenile Male Developing Adult Colouration

Notice the blackened fin edging, and blue colouration beginning to develop. When full flared the intermediate yellow stripes become dark blue/black, and the fin striping is far more pronounced.

Three Juveniles/Females

A Milling Shot of a group of Saulosi, Including 1 juvenile male.
A juvenile developing Male:

Males are characterised by black edging to their fins, along with a blue body with black stripes that display when flaring.

Juvenile Group

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