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Love the contrast in your tank. The plants give me the impression that they're fake plants. But it's a beautiful green in the tank.
They are fake indeed, one tank did look like this ⬇️ with live plants

But it becomes difficult once certain cichlids mature to stop them turning you plants into salad lol so i had to make the change to artificial🙂
@anewbie Water parameters for my tanks are Gh 9.1/ Kh 7 / Ph 7.4 /Temp 25c-77f

Central tank

Theraps Bocourti⬇️20221103_200651.jpg
Thorichthys Ellioti⬇️

Herotilapia Multispinosa⬇️ aka Rainbow cichlid20220306_192623.jpg
Tiger Silver Dollars – Metynnis Fasasciatus⬇️20221103_205815.jpg
Hyphessobrycon Columbianus. aka colombian tetra ⬇️20230114_183925.jpg
Sahyadria Denisonii
Red-line Torpedo Barb⬇️20211216_203927.jpg
Pimelodus pictus catfish⬇️20211112_181405.jpg
Hemiancistrus subviridis L200 green phantom pleco⬇️
Lots of lovely fish, nice to see a decent sized group of columbians
I see so mostly ca fishes 'cept the pleco which is sa; really nice tank - will be interesting to watch it mature.
I see so mostly ca fishes 'cept the pleco which is sa; really nice tank - will be interesting to watch it mature.
Thank you 🙂
Its the cichlids which are from Central america really, their entourage lol are from south america mainly apart from the barbs🙂

Not much choice when it comes to dither/smaller fish from central america. Harder to source and there is way more choice in the south🙂

Little bit of sadness today having taken my little army of Ellioti cichlids to my Lfs to find their forever homes😔 All turned out ok tho and all 42 arrived safely the other end🙂

Ive was going to keep a small group myself but decided on just keeping a pair in the end.

Had an empty 29g with the Ellioti's gone so i thought im going to make it home for my juvenile keyholes now but with me being at my favourite fish store it was a good bet i wasnt coming away without anything 🤣

So the 29g is a quarantine tank for the time being for a

Blue Phantom Plec L128🤩
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Looks great :) but to let you know the video isnt working - say's its set to private.
Tanks come alive at night😍 my favourite time of the day to sit and chill in one of the fish rooms 🤩.
Star Girl ⭐

Fastly become my favorite Tetra😍 beauitful, colourful and their schooling behaviours on point. They are like rummy and cardinals combined👌

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